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Who is Samsung Girl, the new trending virtual assistant on the internet

Samsung’s new girl Sam is the latest hot topic among netizens. AI virtual assistants are becoming more and more relevant with each passing day. In 2011, Apple set the bar very high with its virtual assistant Siri. In 2014, Amazon launched Alexa, which has become one of the most popular smart home assistants. In 2016, Google launched Google Assistant, one of the smartest, most useful, and most accurate to date.

One of the main limitations of AI assistants is that none of them are visually interactive. Also, visual AI assistants that can be installed separately are not smart enough. So, the leaks about the new Samsung Girl replacing the good old Bixby gave fans hope. But will it really replace Bixby? If not, what will be its purpose? How did she suddenly gain all the fame?

The new Samsung Girl: Claim to fame, Samsung response, rumours, facts and more

Who is Sam?

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What comes once on the internet, stays on the internet, and the Samsung Girl is a perfect example. Sam, whose real name is Samantha, was developed and first introduced to the internet in 2021 by Brazilian design company Lightfarm in collaboration with Cheil, a Samsung-owned marketing company.

Lightfarm created a 2D version of Sam a long time ago. Afterwards, they completely redesigned her into a new 3D avatar and posted it on social media. Lightfarm further stated:

Throughout the process, the team has been dedicated to developing realistic materials, primarily for the character’s hair and clothing, to make Sam appear aesthetically pleasing.

Sam is a 21 -year -old Korean with a square hair, with big blue eyes and eccentric and joyful attitude. Hence, her attractive physical features and personality have made her a fan favorite. She was fashionable on Twitter for hours, and the fans even created a dedicated subredit with more than 60,000 members.


Many went so far as to declare it as their “waifu”, a Japanese term designating any virtual character as someone’s wife. She made her first official appearance on November 26, 2021, in a video entitled “Smart Friday: Es Momento de Renovar”; it made fans believe she was going to be Samsung’s new AI assistant.

Largely due to memes, NSFW posts, and the misinformation circulating around it, Lightfarm abandoned the project and even took down its web page which featured the Samsung Girl. However, to this day, Samsung Girl Samantha is very much alive on the internet and in the hearts of millions of her fans.

Samsung’s response

Samantha the 3D virtual avatar (Image via Lightfarm)
Samantha the 3D virtual avatar (Image via Lightfarm)

As soon as the rumors that the new Samsung Girl will soon replace Bixby on their Samsung smartphones spread like wildfire, Samsung and Lightfarm confirmed otherwise. They officially announced that Bixby was going nowhere, and Samantha was neither a visual successor to Bixby nor the face of Samsung’s NEON virtual human assistant project.

With each passing day, the demand for animated 3D virtual assistants is increasing among technology users. It’s only a matter of time before one of the tech giants releases or redesigns its existing AI assistants with 3D virtual characters.

Edited by Mithilesh Bhaumik

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