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What is the definition of a direct lender?

Instead of using brokers who deal with panels of lenders, a direct lender allows you to apply for a loan directly with the loan source. Instead of supplying the money immediately, payday loan brokers take your information and pass it on to several direct lenders, functioning as a “middleman.”

There are many comparison websites and brokers for online loans and short-term lending, and it can be difficult to discern who delivers the loan. When looking for money, whether it’s in the form of a rapid loan or a modest loan, you want to avoid upfront fees, hidden costs, and tiny print requirements.

What are the benefits of choosing a direct payday loan lender?

The most significant advantage of selecting a payday loan direct lender from Green Day Online – In Your Location platform is that you may get a loan from just one company instead of multiple. On the other hand, direct lenders will not disclose your information to any third parties and will work quickly to approve you for a payday loan.


We work closely with you to ensure that you understand your loan alternatives, rates, fees, and payback terms.


We always strive to protect your personal information and does not share it with third parties.


Because we do not engage with third parties to lend you money, you will receive a loan approval decision immediately.

There are no middlemen:

Previously, intermediaries who passed on client information plagued the online loan business. As a result, hundreds of unwanted text messages, emails, and phone calls proposing short-term loans were sent to payday applicants. There are no intermediaries because everything is done within our roof and in-house by our employees.

More Transparency: 

When using broker websites, you never know who you’re sending and giving your information to or where it ends up. As a customer, you want to know that your data is safe and that you know who you’re working with.

Because our site is hosted on a secure server, it begins with HTTPS. An additional layer of encryption now protects all data provided through our website. You can trust that your information will be handled securely.

What Are the Benefits of Affordability Checks?

Affordability checks assist you in balancing your income and expenses. This can help you figure out how much you can afford to pay back each month without going into debt. 

Adequate checks determine whether a customer is given or denied a loan. If they are accepted, they will be given a sum appropriate for their income and financial situation.

When applying for a loan, it’s critical to provide accurate information.

It will only take you 5 minutes to complete this information. It offers us a first impression of whether you satisfy the minimum requirements. This entails being at least 18 years old, residing in the United States, working, and able to make monthly payments. The card information tells us where to transfer money if the transaction is successful and where to collect monthly repayments. The online application is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be done on a PC, mobile device, or tablet.

With bad credit, can I apply to a direct lender?

Yes! We’re here to help those with poor credit histories who traditional lenders have turned down. You may have an adverse credit history due to not being able to keep up with previous credit card and loan installments.

We recognize that people are going through difficult times, yet they still want to demonstrate their creditworthiness. We look at more than just your credit score. 

We will gladly evaluate your application with negative credit if we determine that you can afford the loan installments. Providing you with a loan will only help you improve your present financial circumstances. We want to make it easier for those with bad credit to acquire the money they need.