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WCA CEO announces list of speakers and speakers for Big Data Virtual Event (Episode 2) on July 27, 2022, 2pm-5pm BST (UK)

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London, United Kingdom – World Coffee Alliance (WCA), a leading network alliance of coffee industry professionals and stakeholders, producing essential information including market research, due diligence reports and technical advice to stakeholders of the global coffee value chain, will host episode two of the WCA TECHNOCOFFEE INNOVATION SERIES: DEMYSTIFYING BIG DATA IN COFFEE virtual event on Wednesday 27 July 2022 from 2pm-5pm BST (UK time)/9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EDT.


Joseph de Villiers, CEO and Founder of World Coffee Alliance (WCA) said: “As always, I am delighted to announce that our keynote for Episode 2 of our WCA trilogy on digital traceability – the event Virtual Big Data is Vanusia Nogueira, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization (ICO). I believe that with her vast experience in the private sector, she will bring new momentum and energy to the global coffee industry and provide dynamic leadership with a vision that will hopefully bring real and meaningful change there. where it is needed.

Vanusia commented: “I’m thrilled to be the keynote for the WCA Trilogy on Digital Traceability – the Virtual Big Data Event. Big data plays a very important role in the sustainability and traceability of the global coffee value chain. However, ultimately the question will be whether coffee producers and consumers can benefit from the use of this technology and how it can help mitigate or enable adaptation measures to combat climate change, especially deforestation.

Other confirmed speakers include David Davies, CEO and Founder, AgUnity (Inspirational Speaker), Cees Homburg, CEO, FarmersDirectCoffee (Solutions Provider Speaker), James McKay, Director and Founder, McKay Research (Moderator), Paul Rooke, Executive Director , British Coffee Association (BCA), Dr Memoona J. Anwar, Head of Compliance and Innovation, Data Zoo, Helen Bellfield, Deputy Director of Trase, Global Canopy, Peter Kettler, Senior Advisor, International Trade Center (moderator ), Dr Aaron Davis, Senior Researcher Leader, Crops and Global Change, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew., Jade Saunders, Senior Policy analyst and Board member, World Forest ID, Priya Guliani, UK President, Government Blockchain Association (GBA).

Sponsors for this event include AgUnity (episode sponsor) and FarmersDirectCoffee (solution provider sponsor). David Davies, CEO and Founder of AgUnity, said, “Did you know that most of the world’s coffee is grown by largely invisible micro-farmers? Current traceability concerns large farms, but many small farms are left out. Collecting data from them is extremely difficult, resulting in millions of missing data points. We can solve this problem by following the source data. However, with micro-farmers living in remote areas without connectivity, the challenge must first be addressed by enabling digital inclusion of the last mile, alongside the coffee industry following a standardized data acquisition pathway. . I look forward to inspiring the coffee industry on how this is possible.

Cees Homburg, CEO of FarmersDirectCoffee: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present at the virtual WCA Big Data event. Our Coffee Coalition makes the coffee chain traceable and more transparent. With this initiative, the farmers are co-owners. Using open source blockchain technology, a CO2 calculator and FarmersApp, we add value to data for the whole chain.

Big data is the main subject of episode 2 of the WCA trilogy on digital traceability. Discussion topics will include its impact on the coffee supply chain and climate change. Big data is playing an increasingly central role in e-commerce and coffee retail, developing new ways to track and deliver orders and maintain compliance. The event will also focus on the role of big data in identifying some of the critical issues in mitigating climate change, particularly in cases of deforestation, where they require urgent action.

The British Coffee Association (BCA) our event partner. Paul Rooke, Executive Director of BCA, said: “BCA is pleased to support WCA in this virtual Big Data event, particularly in regards to its impact on the supply chain and the role it can play in delivering a sustainable future in coffee. Increasing volumes of data can give us all more accurate knowledge and information to support the entire coffee community, whether to better inform consumer choice, create best practice information for the producer or streamline and improve the movement and production of coffee – all to ensure that we can continue to grow and enjoy this special beverage.

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World Coffee Alliance (WCA) ia network alliance of coffee industry professionals and stakeholders that produces essential information including market research, due diligence reports and technical advice to actors in the global coffee value chain. Our mission is to help create a sustainable business environment, working closely with coffee industry stakeholders. We advise them on how to adopt best practices, use advanced technologies and help create a community capable of fighting climate change.


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Open the coffee sector, with a fair price for farmers. The farmers, also co-owners, of Farmers Direct Coffee, are trained in regenerative farming through our Farmers app, resulting in higher yield and lower costs. Open source blockchain technology makes the origin, quality and prices of each coffee bean completely transparent and traceable. Moreover, with the innovative CO2 CO information calculator2 broadcasts are given. Join our Coffee Coalition and achieve farmer empowerment!


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