Virtual event

Watertown celebrates 2 historic events in a virtual event

Charlie Breitrose A Watertown Historical Society reenactor reads the Declaration of Independence from the same place it was first read in 1776, the second floor of the Edmund Fowle House during a Treaty Day celebration of a previous year.

The Watertown Historical Society has announced that the 2022 Treaty Day celebrations will be held virtually. The event marks not just one, but two events of historic significance in local, state and national history.

In the past the event has taken place at the Edmund Fowle House on Marshall Street where re-enactors read the Declaration of Independence and members of the modern bands drawn from those who participated in the signing of the Treaty of Watertown attend the event.

This year, for multiple reasons, the event will be held virtually.

The Historical Society provided the following information on Treaty Day 2022:

Please join the Watertown Historical Society in virtually celebrating the commemoration of
two significant historical events of Watertown in 1776 by logging onto our website any time after July 9, 2022.

The virtual Treaty Day 2022 event celebrates the following two significant dates that took place at the Edmund Fowle House.

July 18, 1776 – The first time the Declaration of Independence was read to the citizens of Watertown

July 19, 1776 – Signing of the first treaty negotiated by our new nation with a foreign power, namely the St. John’s (aka Maliseet) and Mi’kmaq tribes of Nova Scotia.

Ideas to celebrate the two dates!

• Read the information about both events on the Society’s website aloud to your family.

• Organize a barbecue in your backyard and invite your friends to share your readings on the two events.

• Relax, put your feet up, have a drink and quietly read about both events.