Virtual event

Waterloo Region Grassroots Response is hosting a virtual event to discuss the Ukraine crisis

The Region of Waterloo Community Response to the Ukraine Crisis is hosting a meeting on Friday, March 25 to continue to discuss how they can help Ukrainians coming to the region.

At the March 11 meeting, approximately 160 people agreed to volunteer to help Ukrainians settle in Waterloo Region.

This Friday, the meeting will take place virtually from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

These types of meetings will be recurrent. “In order to focus on engaging as many people as possible, we have decided to hold an online event every week and an in-person event every two weeks,” the website’s information reads. Participants will hear updates on the crisis from local and regional organizations, gain a better understanding of the needs of Ukrainian families and individuals coming to the region, brainstorm ways to support Ukrainians, and identify gaps as well that will develop plans to meet their needs.

The event also aims to develop a network of community champions and volunteers.

People can still join any of the following groups: housing, donations, meal preparation, fundraising and translations.

To register, visit the website, and for more information, visit the Waterloo Region Grassroots Response website.