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VPM Solutions, leading platform for property managers looking for top virtual assistant talent

Virtual Property Management Solutions provides property management companies with global access to virtual assistants through its revolutionary platform.

Launched by Pete Neubig, VPM Solutions is an industry-dedicated online platform designed for property management and the real estate industry. The platform allows employers to post a job offer, find international talent and process payments. The platform provides reports and free industry-specific training for employers and assistants.

Employers can find and hire high-quality virtual team members hassle-free. VPM maintains a database of thousands of Virtual Assistants, Executive Assistants, Appointment Takers, Receptionists, Rental Assistants, Renewal Coordinators, Sales Assistants and Specialist Maintenance Coordinators in all facets of property management around the world.

The platform is easy to maneuver for potential employers and assistants. Employers simply post the position they are looking for and professionals who meet the criteria apply. This is performed at no cost to the employer.

VPM Solutions is nothing short of thorough, ensuring a fair and transparent process for both parties. Talent scouts can set predefined criteria and have the power to name any parameters for the job they choose.

To provide the best possible services, VPM Solutions has built-in English proficiency identifiers, the power for employers to search by the skill they want, and the value-added option of video CVs. Video CVs are pre-recorded video clips that job seekers post on their profile, allowing employers to verify their identity and assess their English proficiency and professionalism.

VPM Solutions offers free industry-specific video training to potential assistants.

In this new digital age where much of the convenience of life begins virtually and remote working has exploded in popularity, there is no reason for property management administration to be limited by geography. Reaching and retaining the right talent is a tedious and time-consuming process. With Virtual Property Management Solutions, employers have the selection of some of the best remote workers at their fingertips.

When asked what best describes VPM Solutions, CEO Pete Neubig said, “We’re the only platform built for property managers by property managers.”

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