Virtual assistant

Vonage launches AI Virtual Assistant for better unified communications

Vonage launched AI Virtual Assistant for its unified communications solution, Vonage Business Communications (VBC).

Vonage AI Virtual Assistant creates artificially intelligent conversational experiences using natural language understanding and machine learning that’s supported by apps that use voice and text to engage every caller in natural language.

According to Vonage, AI Virtual Assistant modernizes customer engagement by providing conversational AI to perform simple tasks and facilitate voice self-service for customers.

This allows organizations without a contact center to free up employees from answering high volumes of incoming calls. It also helps improve the customer experience by providing faster responses to customer questions, requests, and other needs.

Built on the Vonage Communication Platform (VCP), AI Virtual Assistant also includes the new features of Vonage AI Studio, providing a no-code user interface to enable the implementation and development of conversational experiences and engagements. advanced, such as self-service options and workflows, and the ability to simplify complex interactions.

Adding customizable Vonage AI Studio building blocks to AI Virtual Assistant provides businesses with tools for service automation, also considering the end-user experience.

Additional benefits of enterprise implementation of AI virtual assistant include:

  • Ensure business continuity for organizations that experience high call volumes during peak hours or seasonal periods.
  • Reducing wait times for frequent and simple queries that can be resolved immediately, increasing customer satisfaction without the need for live interaction.
  • Create meaningful customer engagements by capturing insights through verbal cues given by customers for their interest, questions, or concerns regarding products and services, then taking appropriate action to maintain customer lifetime value.

AI Virtual Assistant also provides organizations, partners, and developers with an omnichannel bot platform to build versatile conversational AI solutions to meet customer needs.

Savinay Berry, Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering at Vonage, says, “In addition to reducing and optimizing IT costs and resources, companies are improving the customer experience through the use of IA as part of their communication strategy.

“In today’s modern workplace, consumers expect to get the information they want, when they want it, and they expect it to be easy to do business with a brand. .

“As one of the first vendors to offer this type of solution for unified communications, Vonage enables companies to leverage AI to improve their business processes.

“By automating responses and processing simple tasks with AI, we’re transforming the way businesses across all industries connect with their customers.”

Aragon Research CEO and Principal Analyst Jim Lundy commented on general trends and the announcement of Vonage’s new service.

He says, “In an increasingly digital world, more companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to improve the customer and employee experience, as well as drive cost savings and overall quality of service. .

“With one of the first virtual assistant products of its kind on the market, Vonage complements its already robust unified communications offering with intelligent conversational experiences to build better connections with customers at every touchpoint.”