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Virtual event aimed at helping women empower themselves – The Royal Gazette

Creation: 09 Feb. 2022 07:24

Kristin Justice will speak about self-love at a virtual event hosted by the Women’s Resource Center and Women In Ministries (Photograph provided)

A virtual event today should help women see the value in themselves and improve their spiritual well-being.

Kristin Justice, who is based in the United States, will speak at the free workshop, which will be hosted by the Women’s Resource Center in partnership with the Bermuda Annual Conference AME Women in Ministry group.

She said: “Similar to the support I offer as a therapist, as a mental health facilitator, I hope that the participants of the Master the art of self-love and know its value walk away feeling empowered and encouraged to invest in themselves, their mental and emotional well-being and to see the value of choosing to love themselves in a richer way.

“During the workshop, we will explore what it really means to love ourselves even if we don’t always love ourselves or our ways.

“We will discuss tools on how we can show ourselves through meaningful self-care, explore how our thoughts and emotions affect our mental health and our ability to love and value ourselves.

“I am a strong advocate not only for physical and mental well-being, but also for spiritual well-being.”

Ms Justice, whose father Reverend John C Justice was pastor at Heard Chapel AME Church in Pembroke from 1989 to 1995, added: ‘In the workshop we will also address spiritual connections using biblical principles on how God cares about your mental health. by his love.

“As ‘PK’ – the preacher’s child – I am a huge advocate for Jesus and therapy.”

Ms Justice, a licensed associate counselor in New Jersey and a nationally certified counselor in the US, said she aims to support clients “through life’s challenges”.

She added: “As someone who has worked in human resources for 11 years, educating, informing and guiding individuals on how they can choose to live and navigate a more fulfilling and meaningful life is one of my passions. .”

Ms Justice said: ‘I am without a doubt grateful to have been brought up and brought up in Bermuda’s rich heritage history and loved by some of the best people in the world.

“A big thank you to my amazing Zuill, Hassell, Darrell and Butterfield family who I have loved visiting every year and who I have missed dearly due to this pandemic.”

Tina Laws, the WRC’s chief executive, said coping with the “unknown” over the past two years with the Covid-19 pandemic has been very difficult.

She added: “Families faced unexpected deaths, deteriorating health, loss of jobs, homes, relationships and finances like never before.

“Partnering with Bermuda’s annual AME Women In Ministry conference couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Aligning with the Women’s Resource Center’s mission to improve the lives of women and their families in Bermuda, WIM has partnered with us to help empower our community.

“With extensive professional backgrounds, social and personal experiences, WIM’s women’s community has dedicated time to creating events such as Master the art of self-love and know its value to help alleviate some of what we as women have been through and are going through right now.”

Ms Laws thanked those involved with Women In Ministry “for their vision and their partnership with us in achieving our mission and our vision for the community”.

* The free event will start on Zoom at 7 p.m. The meeting ID will be 857-1494-0723 with password BdaWIM.