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Virtual conference, concrete results | The American Legion

While the 2022 American Legion Washington Conference will not be the massive gathering we enjoyed before the pandemic, members of the nation’s largest veterans organization can expect meaningful results from our advocacy. virtual.

The legislative program that the American Legion presents to the second session of the 117th Congress is ambitious and timely. And in many ways it is late.

Veterans exposed to toxic combustion fireplaces have waited too long for the presumption of service connection to be established. The American Legion urges Congress to pass legislation that requires VA to presume exposure of veterans deployed to areas with known environmental hazards, establishes a framework for the presumptive process, and creates a list of suspected illnesses associated with combustion fireplaces . Urgent action is needed to ensure veterans have access to the care they need and deserve.

I am disappointed that access is still very limited to the United States Capitol. As I wrote in a letter to senior congressional leaders in October, “The People’s House should not be closed to groups like ours one day longer than necessary.”

Yet, through the use of email, phone calls, and personal visits to congressional district offices, there are still many ways for legionaries to advance our priorities. First of all, I recommend you watch the Video to know before you go.

Then, return to on Tuesday, March 8 at 10 a.m. to watch a live stream of my testimony before a joint session of senators and representatives hosted by the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

As you communicate with your representative and senators, I ask you to remember an important principle that has served our organization well for 103 years. The American Legion is nonpartisan. We are here to advance policies, not personalities. Now is not the time to espouse political views, unrelated agendas or personal attacks.

Remember that not every member of Congress will agree with us on every issue. Be polite and respectful in these cases and chances are the member will be willing to reconsider or work with us on other important Legion issues.

Whether we’re advocating for better health care or protecting the American flag from desecration, it’s important to always remember our core constituents — the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way and stood up for America.

For God and Country,

Paul E. Dillard

National Commander of the American Legion