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Virtual Cannabis Cultivation Conference 2022

Virtual Cannabis Cultivation Conference 2022

Sponsored by Hardy Diagnostics

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Moving Forward in Craft Cannabis

  • Ted Harris, Founder and Executive Managing Director, Sweet Leaf Capital

This presentation takes a look at the craft cannabis market, genetics, going beyond potency, looking at cannabinoids and terpenes, quality versus yield and much more.

Beyond terpenes: what else is there and why should you care?

  • Dr. Aldwin Anterola, Scientific Director, Veda Scientific
  • Leo Welder, CEO of Veda Scientific

Using GCxGC MS technology, we found that on average 40% of terpene content was missed by the 40 standard terpenes used in cannabis testing labs. We also detected other volatile compounds, including alcohols, aldehydes, alkanes, aromatic and other hydrocarbons, esters, fatty acids, ketones and thiols. We will discuss the implications of this more comprehensive “volatilome” data, including its importance in characterizing cannabis, distinguishing strains from one another, selecting for desired traits, improving quality and consistency. cannabis products, and even the selection of better and safer processes and packaging.

Technical Discussion sponsored by Hardy Diagnostics

  • Jessa Youngblood, Food and Beverage Market Coordinator, Hardy Diagnostics

Application of Integrated Pest Management to Cannabis Cultivation

  • Dan Banks, CCA, Co-Founder, Precision Crop Consulting, LLC

Participants can expect to learn about: an introduction to IPM and how this approach to pest management applies to cannabis production, the components of an effective IPM program (monitoring and identification of Pests, Structural and Environmental Controls, Cultural Practices, Resistant Varieties, Biological Controls, Proper Use of Pesticides) and practical tips and suggestions for each element of an IPM cannabis program.

Characterizing Harmful Biofilms with NGS to Adopt a Better Water Treatment Program

  • Taylor Robinson, Director of Analytical Services/R&D, Silver Bullet Corp.

Participants can expect to learn what biofilms are, how and why do they form, wwhat is NGS and how can it be used in biofilm analysis, and hHow can we use modern analytical techniques to implement more effective treatment strategies.

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