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Virtual Assistant Helps RIAs Fill ‘Gap’ As They Grow: XYPN Founders

XYPN will also be able to “aggregate” the data it gets from members and “then be able to aggregate that data,” he explained. “What we want to be able to do is allow advisors to say, ‘Hey, of the companies that are building a business like mine, which started when I started, what technology are they using? What is their revenue ?What is their niche?….What performance reporter do they use?What CRM do they use??

XYPN’s other main goals for 2023 include a “more personalized approach to membership, deeper integrations into the XYPN technology stack, and continued expansion of XYPN’s service offerings to members” overall, it said. he declares.

Moore also reaffirmed XYPN’s anti-harassment policy, saying in a press release, “This is no joke, and XYPN has already enforced this policy at least once with a previous conference attendee who will not be allowed to return.”

“When women have uncomfortable or threatening experiences at conferences and other events, they don’t come back, which limits their professional opportunities,” according to Moore. “XYPN is committed to creating a positive space for all counselors, including women and BIPOC professionals.”

XYPN Growth 2021

Among the key growth numbers from XYPN’s 2021 Benchmarking Study, the findings of which were released during XYPN Live on Monday, was that the average XYPN member business increased its customer base by 36% in 2021. .

In total, XYPN member firms also added more than 20,000 new clients in the past year, he added, adding that XYPN members make up 25% of Investopedia’s Top 100.

And two XYPN member companies, along with XYPN itself, he said, were included in the latest Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

In the past year alone, XYPN’s compliance team registered 186 new RIAs, bringing XYPN’s total to more than 1,200 companies and 1,650 members, he also said. Overall, that means XYPN represents nearly 11% of all state-registered RIAs offering financial planning services in the United States, he added.

The next XYPN Live is scheduled for September 19-21 in Atlanta.

(Photo: Michael Kitces, left, and Alan Moore.)