Virtual assistant

VetPawer adds prescription refill functionality to its AI virtual assistant

The AI-driven system can now manage prescription renewals and book appointments for customers seamlessly in real time.

VetPawer’s AVA (Automated Virtual Assistant) now has the ability to automatically process prescription refills when a customer calls to schedule an appointment. AVA is an AI virtual assistant that can answer phone calls and manage appointment scheduling with a natural, human voice and tone. It integrates directly with practice management software and the hospital’s phone system to schedule appointments without any staff intervention.

After scheduling an appointment, AVA uses AI to determine if the patient should renew their prescription, according to VetPawer. The system then proposes a refill, which can be accepted or refused by the customer. If the prescription refill is accepted, AVA can automatically send it to the pharmacy for filling or, if the prescription has expired, to the clinician for approval.

“We are seeing that veterinary teams are more stressed than ever,” said Jerry Savage, CEO of VetPawer.

“AVA not only relieves practice staff, but also provides a contemporary, fast and efficient client experience. AVA’s dialogue is human and clients tell their veterinary practices that they appreciate the ease of booking appointments,” he added.

To achieve automatic prescription scheduling and refills, AVA bridges the gap between the phone system and practice management software. When a client calls the clinic, AVA recognizes their phone number. Using this unique information, the software identifies the client and checks the practice management software for available appointments suitable for the specific patient. The client can interact with AVA to choose an acceptable appointment, which is then written directly into the practice management software.

In addition to booking appointments and processing prescription renewals, AVA can also add a new patient, suggest appointments based on overdue reminders, and handle appointment cancellations, according to VetPawer.


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