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Vacaville Hosts Virtual Community Health Workshop – The Vacaville Reporter

Across Vacaville, residents have opinions about what the city can do to ensure the health of their community. As the city prepares for the next update to its corporate plan, it wants to hear those opinions, and residents will have the chance to voice them in a virtual forum on Thursday.

The city will host a community health workshop where residents can discuss issues of concern related to local health and the environment. Issues can include health disparities, unhealthy environments in resident work areas, pesticides, asthma rates, housing issues, education, low birth rates and more.

The information presented at this meeting will be used when working on the General Plan, a guiding document for Vacaville that outlines goals for the future of the town as it continues to grow. The general plan was last significantly updated in 2015 and is currently outlined through 2035.

However, some components of the overall plan need updating, including the housing component, which is nearing the end of its eight-year cycle and is expected to be updated next year.

“The Master Plan is a long-term plan that governs your city’s growth and development over time by guiding land use, transportation, housing, utilities, infrastructure, natural resources, and development. climate change, among other topics,” according to a description of the event. . “The master plan update will include a community assessment to identify neighborhoods with health, environmental and socio-economic issues, as well as the people most affected by these issues. The City will develop policies to help resolve, mitigate or ameliorate these issues. Topics could include: air pollution, access to parks and recreation, or access to healthy food.

The workshop is scheduled from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday. Register at, and access information will be provided upon registration.