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Most business owners learn to accept that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete every task. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already found a solution and made your first hire: a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can help you deal with time-consuming management and organizational tasks that clutter your schedule, but only if they have the right software tools. Finding the right VA tool is crucial to protecting your time and getting the most out of your investment. With the right virtual assistant software, you can:

  • Helping to complete work tasks more efficiently
  • Automate repetitive work
  • Track your VA’s work time and activity
  • Organize communication

The right tool can even serve as an assistant to some extent.

In this article, we recommend the most popular software tools to help you get the most out of your VA relationship.

The office suite

Obviously, the office suite has quickly proven to be a fundamental tool for all businesses.

Working with spreadsheets, documents, and presentations make up a big part of a virtual assistant’s workday, and bringing all of these applications together simplifies tasks and processes, which improves productivity.

Normally, the office suite includes word processing, presentation spreadsheet, email calendar, contact apps, messaging, cloud storage, and video conferencing.

the G Suite/Google Workspace is the cloud base combination which is less popular but simple and user-friendly. The Google suite includes the Chrome browser, Slides, Sheets, and Docs, which are more comparable to Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint, and Excel independently.

Google Apps lets you send email, store files in the cloud, schedule meetings, create, co-edit, and share documents and spreadsheets from any device. You can access it for free with a personal account, but you can also purchase additional features such as personalized work email, over 100 GB of storage, and intranet functionality for you and your team if you create one.

For your e-marketing

Recent results show that automated emails can earn you 119% more click-through rate than manually sent emails.

If you need to send a batch of emails regularly, then Mailchimp is the perfect solution. The software is free, but there is also a paid version. With Mailchimp, you can get over 2,000 subscribers and send up to 10,000 emails per month.

The free version comes with landing pages and forms, audience information, and some basic templates. It integrates with over 200 apps, which means you can link it to your WordPress site for faster updates to your email list.

Another indispensable VA marketing tool is the Weber – it takes you All Features in each paid plan. The price variation may depend on the number of your subscribers and not on the number of features you get. AWeber does everything from beautiful landing page templates for various purposes to custom segmentation of your email list.

For communication only

It is important to be able to reach your virtual personal assistant when you need it. Obviously, Gmailing is still a viable solution, but it’s not always the best one.

More often than emails get lost in the shuffle, not to mention an effective VA probably won’t check email for productivity reasons.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick reply to a short message, and that’s it.

Programs how Slack can help. Slack is a team communication tool used by over 750,000 companies.

The thing is, it can replace email communication and eliminate all the time wasting that comes with it. Slack offers different channels, which are basically group conversations that revolve around a defined topic.

Channels promote organized communication between your virtual assistant and other members of your team. You include your VA in the conversations they need to follow without overloading their inbox with unrelated chatter.

Including your assistant in your company’s channel gives your team a way to contact them directly. If you’re away and someone needs information, they can easily contact your virtual assistant for help.

Flock, team collaboration and a messaging platform is another medium for business chatting. Flock is similar to Slack; however, it places greater emphasis on productivity features.

Several great features, such as voice notes, reminders, and to-do lists, can help you delegate to your virtual assistant easier.

For your videoconference

VAs are rarely available in person. That doesn’t mean you should limit your communication to emails or chats, though. Video calls are a much simpler method of handling more complex conversations.

Many virtual assistants need to have weekly calls to catch up and prioritize together. Instead, you might want to consider a faster, more user-friendly alternative.

Fortunately, there are plenty of video conferencing tools out there. Discuss with your VA if they have a preference and think about how particular software fits into your current situation.

One of the alternatives is Zoom, a conferencing software solution that gained momentum at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom is used around the world to host meetings, collaborate and host virtual events.

The platform offers a number of features, such as video webinars, group chats, virtual conference rooms, and a business phone system. Zoom supports HD audio and video, recordings, transcriptions and more. It has advanced security and privacy features such as passcodes, waiting rooms, and user authentication that allow you to discuss sensitive information during calls.


Different time zones make it difficult to arrange meetings with people located in different places.

Synchronizing conferences or meetings while working remotely is a top priority so you don’t waste time with missed or poorly scheduled meetings.

Tools like Calendy offer exceptional performance compared to Google Calendar. He can use it for fixed appointments which can even have staggered prices. You can see the next available times and dates for a conference in your local time.

These tools make working with a virtual assistant more efficient. You’ll also work with more confidence knowing you can finish everything well on time.

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