Virtual conference

The virtual conference will showcase the latest technological advances in lie detection for law enforcement

LEHI, Utah – April 12, 2022 – To better compete with the limited pool of qualified candidates, many law enforcement agencies have updated their hiring process. One of the changes includes the addition of a new lie detector test that quickly determines whether a job applicant should be disqualified before additional time and expense is spent on background checks, interviews and to a polygraph examination.

Police stations. can learn more about this new technology, EyeDetect by Converusand other innovations to CONNECT ’22 April 26-28. Participation is free, but registration is required. Due to COVID concerns, it will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Nearly 70 law enforcement agencies use EyeDetect to find the truth fast. It is a non-intrusive lie detector that can spot a liar in 15-30 minutes by analyzing unintended eye behavior in an automated computer-based test – to screen job applicants for drug use , the commission of serious crimes and other criminal or unethical behavior.

“[EyeDetect] saved us countless hours conducting background investigations of applicants who were destined to fail a polygraph because they lied,” said Justin Davis, Background Investigator/Hiring and Recruiting, Police Department of the town of Kent.

CONNECT’22 will feature peer-reviewed research, product demonstrations and case studies. One of the speakers will be a New Mexico sheriff’s office that combines EyeDetect with polygraph in pre-employment screening. Other presentations include a community treatment program that performs state and federal probation testing and a company using EyeDetect in insurance fraud investigations.

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About Converus®

Converus provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies. EyeDetect®, which detects deception by measuring involuntary eye behavior, is a fast, accurate, affordable, non-contact, scalable and fully automated polygraphy option. EyeDetect+ is the world’s first automated polygraph, making the testing process unbiased, accurate and less intrusive (than a traditional polygraph). It assesses credibility by monitoring and recording ocular activity as well as physiological activity similar to a traditional polygraph. Customers around the world use the EyeDetect line of screening and investigation products to protect countries, businesses and communities from corruption, crime and threats. Converus is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. To visit