Virtual event

Telecare crisis line in Abbotsford is hosting a virtual Love Listens event – ​​Abbotsford News

Telecare Crisis and Caring Line host Love Listens on Thursday, February 17 from 7 p.m.

This virtual event emphasizes active empathetic listening for better relationships. While the event takes place during Valentine’s Day week, it applies to all close relationships.

Telecare is a faith-based registered charity based in Abbotsford where trained volunteers use empathetic listening to support callers who are often in distant relationships.

“As media studies show, our digital technologies allow us to communicate with many people in fine detail and increasingly in the same way when we’re face to face,” said Bill Strom, executive director of Telecare. and event speaker.

Proof of this is the global trend of declining empathy – the ability to see and feel from another person’s point of view – and fewer close friends, now just 1.9 on average.

The event showcases three ways to approach relationships and how good and bad listening habits emerge from each. Participants will also examine the barriers that create superficial listening and practical advice on how to overcome them.

The event includes indoor discussions, offering ‘chat’ commentary and humorous videos during the 75-minute event. Ideally, people will participate with a close friend or relative, or even the whole family. It is meant to be a fun time.

Strom is also a professor of communication at Trinity Western University, specializing in close relationships and will share a recently published study, “Do Moral Communicators Make Better Listeners?” He found that the loving virtues of faithfulness and wisdom weigh each other and a person’s personality and attitudes in explaining who listens well.

The event is free with the option to make a donation to support Telecare, a BC registered non-profit. Those interested in participating in “Love Listens” can register online at Although registration is free, a $25 donation is suggested.