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TeamCentral, a “virtual assistant” for the workforce

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CincyTech today announced the closing of a $1.5 million investment in Series Seed TeamCentral, a Cincinnati-based low/no-code data integration platform provider. CincyTech led the financing with participation from TC’s investment partners. The company was born out of an innovation program in Centered consultationan international management consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, OH.

Today’s global, data-centric competitive environment requires the deployment and integration of cloud-based applications. Traditional integration methods for these applications are always computationally intensive. While all businesses are looking for solutions to simplify integration and connect processes between systems, midsize businesses with limited IT budgets and resources are especially challenged to keep up.

TeamCentral provides a low-code software platform that allows IT professionals, often less experienced, to establish connections between applications faster. Users are guided by virtual assistants to complete integrations, allowing some tasks to be performed by employees without formal IT training.

“Our product enables businesses to achieve competitive growth without adding the IT expense traditionally associated with business expansion,” said Marc Johnson, co-founder of TeamCentral. “Our customers tell us their operations can scale while becoming leaner, which is a huge benefit when technology resources are scarce.”

Johnson’s idea for TeamCentral grew out of a program designed to encourage innovation at his employer, Centered consultation, an international management consulting firm. After being successfully tested internally at Centric, Johnson launched TeamCentral. Since 2020, the Central intelligent automation platform has been implemented in a number of companies looking for low-code integration alternatives. Central now processes millions of transactions per week and the number of installs continues to grow.

“This initial institutional funding will help scale our product to reduce the time it takes for our customers and partners to deploy automation, learn from their data, become more scalable and therefore profitable,” said Andy Park, former partner at Centric Consulting. and co-founder of TeamCentral.

CincyTech CEO Mike Venerable said the central platform addresses a critical need: to use data to help companies gain competitive advantage.

“Our shared reliance on software systems to run everything from global manufacturers to public schools is evident.” said Venerable. “No business can run on a single system, which creates the need to integrate systems and data inside the walls as well as the systems of external partners. Central is designed to simplify system and workflow integration, reducing the workload on business and technical resources. »

About TeamCentral

TeamCentral is a leader in intelligent automation and integration. A SaaS spin-off of Centric Consulting, Team Central is an Ohio-based management and technology consulting firm with business operations in 13 cities across the United States and India.

About CincyTech

CincyTech is a seed-stage institutional investor that turns ideas into high-potential life sciences and digital companies in Southwest Ohio. For more information, visit