Virtual assistant update includes seamless virtual assistant integration

A new version of’s omnichannel conversational AI platform gives users new features such as seamless integration with the company’s virtual assistant technology via Spitch’s Knowledge Base (KB) and an enhancement to Speech Analytics (SA)., a provider of B2B and B2C conversational AI solutions, provides solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs by reducing interactions with contact center agents, according to the company.

Program updates increase conversational support for a range of SA and KB user cases. Spitch’s SA now offers advanced reporting and business intelligence tools with accessible user interfaces using a low code/no code approach in customizable report template versions. The new version also includes support for multi-party conversations for conference calls and transferred calls between contact center agents, as well as sentiment scoring, diarization, natural language processing (NLP), and aspects of abstract. Managing FAQs becomes easier with Spitch in the Knowledge Base, enabling automatic responses to customer queries, access to agent prompt mode, generation of calendar prompts, and support for low confidence/probability for virtual assistants via fuzzy search results.

“Deploying and managing the Spitch Knowledge Base has become even easier thanks to our low code/no code product philosophy as well as drag-and-drop user interface construction,” said Piergiorgio Vittori, Chairman and CEO of Spitch US. “Minimal, if any, involvement of customer IT resources is required to be operational. Our new knowledge base product tiered structureincluding Tier 1 features that come free with all new virtual assistant implementationsis a smart business solution for customers with varying needs. »

Spitch promises a seamless implementation from text-to-voice bot with its “build once – deploy omni” approach. Since the core functionality is the same in both versions of the VA, users will be able to activate a new channel for their pre-existing system text bot to initiate voice bot functionality.

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