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Six things you didn’t know a virtual assistant could do

One of my clients is a salesperson who spends most of his time on the road. His request was that I help him keep track of receipts and expenses, do general administration and renew his passport. His CRM system works, but he often needs help updating it, especially when he’s on vacation! My question was how he found our service, and he replied that it “really helped him because it allowed him to focus on his clients”.

Many businesses are considering using virtual assistants to cut costs because they offer great value for money. Without having to hire employees and deal with the high costs that come with it, small businesses can hire virtual assistants to help them with a wide variety of tasks, including bookkeeping, data entry, media management social and other administrative tasks. The thing is, a virtual assistant can do so much for you, you’ll be surprised! So here’s a list of seven things you probably didn’t know a virtual assistant could do!

1) Virtual assistants help create and manage CRM systems

It is difficult to keep pace with the growth of customer data. Even if your company’s CRM system is up to date, it can be difficult to manage these records yourself. Most virtual assistants know exactly how to use various CRM software and can even create one for your business if needed. The bottom line is that having a virtual assistant around to help you organize and manage information will help keep your sales force running smoother and increase overall productivity.

2) Manage social media accounts

Because customers want information from businesses, not just a group of employees, it’s important for businesses to have someone monitoring their social media accounts. A VA can be hired to handle these accounts. They can post content and respond to customer requests, and they can even schedule posts in advance, so your business is never behind on a single update.

3) Create customer service teams

As companies grow, they sometimes forget that one person can’t be a jack-of-all-trades. Virtual assistants can be that essential helper for a busy office by taking over tasks such as:

  • execution and follow-up of orders,
  • the processing of refunds, and
  • management of complaint escalation, to name a few.

If a customer needs help learning and understanding one of your business processes, the customer service virtual assistant is the best person for the project.

4) Manage and run databases

One of a VA’s best skills is ensuring that reports are up-to-date and accurate. In fact, most VAs have some sort of technical training or certification that helps them run advanced database reports for their businesses. When you hire a virtual assistant, they should be able to take over those administrative tasks for your business, saving employees from having to deal with all that data entry themselves.

5) May be teleworkers

Even if they’re not in your office, virtual assistants can save your business a lot of money. Not only are they cheaper than having an employee on site (in some cases), they don’t require salary costs or other benefits, which can be a significant cost savings for businesses. With small businesses, hiring remote workers instead of full-time staff can be a key way to cut costs and ensure that all of your teams are as lean as possible.

6) Monitor competitors

A good VA can closely monitor your competitors’ website and business operations. By tracking how your competitors are performing, you will be better able to assess their weaknesses and strengths, key developments within their industry, where they are likely to go next in terms of new products or services, and ultimately how best suit yours. company to compete with them.

Hiring a virtual assistant might be the best decision you can make today – the above list is just the tip of the iceberg of why you should consider hiring them. Not only will they allow you to focus on growing and developing your business, but outsourcing important tasks can save you time, money and maximize your profits.

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