Virtual event

QU eSports Club is hosting a virtual event

The Qatar University (QU) eSports Club hosted a Talk #3: With Sam ‘Tech Girl’ Wright virtual event. The goal was to interview a professional eSports commentator and desktop animator about casting in general and the backgrounds of the athletes she spoke to. Sam Wright was interviewed to learn more about her experience teaching others about the global esports scene and the challenges she overcame to further her career.

Noora Nasser al-Thani, President of QU eSports Club, said: “We learned a lot about the duties of a commentator. She provided us with a fun illustration of how she must differentiate between work and pleasure. As a rule, she does not play the games she hosts for fun. She also talked about how other people in the industry made decisions and how she was able to balance her undergraduate life with esports-related pursuits. Overall, having such a fantastic figure from the world of eSports with us for the event was an honor.
Adra Maharani Salsabila, Vice President of QU eSports Club, said, “It was an in-depth and eye-opening interview in which we understood what it means to be an eSports commentator. Additionally, getting to know the personality, background and Sam’s experience was very fascinating as she told us stories of her life, as well as how she felt throughout.Sam was very engaging, knowledgeable and approachable, and her responses were clear and expressed her interest in future growth of the QU eSports club.
Sam Wright said: “I would like to travel to Qatar. I hope when I come to your club you will organize competitions so that I can stop and have a look. I would love that.” She also offered ideas on how to support the development of the country’s esports scene. “Use your club to interact with, perhaps, younger students who haven’t started college,” she advised. “Find ways to connect with them and introduce them to eSports and games. I think it would be a fun way to grow games and eSports in Qatar.”