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OODA Loop – An In-Person and Virtual DARPA Event: DARPA Forward

DARPA Forward put national security innovation on the road. Since August – and running through December 2022 – six regional events have been scheduled at leading research and development universities across the country to connect leaders of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency with new communities of talent and of partnerships. The ultimate goal: Energize regional and national innovation ecosystems, fuel breakthroughs in national security, and help deliver America’s technological advantage.

Attendees hear from world-renowned scientists, accomplished innovators, and senior defense leaders about new capabilities as well as the rapidly evolving challenges facing warfighters. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into various topics in and across multiple domains and disciplines, including air/space, ground, virtual, social, bio/medical, electromagnetics, materials/manufacturing, maritime and computing/AI/cyber. .

Throughout its more than 60-year history, DARPA has challenged researchers from academia, industry, and government to create transformative solutions to national security issues. Many of these solutions have also benefited everyday civilian life. “With DARPA Forward, we want to inspire new thinking across and at the intersection of disciplines to support our mission to create technological surprise,” said Dr. Stefanie Tompkins, Director of DARPA. “We want people to take away from these events a desire to help change the world for the better and to know that working with DARPA is a tangible way to do that.” (1)

As these will be hybrid conferences, DARPA invites you to join them in person for one event and virtually for as many as you wish.

Previous DARPA Forward sessions have included:

Upcoming DARPA Forward sessions include:

Both are available for participation via virtual registration.

Discussion topics on the College Station event agenda include:

  • Critical Biomedical Challenges for Extended Care in the Field
  • Thrive in austere environments
  • Demo: Atomic Magnetometer for Native Earth Biological Imaging (AMBIIENT)
  • Closing the Learning Loop
  • Demo: Do ​​it
  • Technological Revolutions – Seeds of Revolution
  • Constructive, virtual and live testing
  • Keynote Address: Admiral Samuel Paparo, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet
  • Breakthroughs in field robotics
  • Keynote Address: Honorable Doug Bush, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
  • Composing effects in the joint battlespace
  • Discover/Develop/Provide
  • Enable next-generation communications
  • Bio in bits
  • Demo: friend or foe
  • Non-equilibrium nanophotonics
  • Cyber ​​Operations: The Stakes Only Rise
  • Freedom and Privacy on the Internet
  • Keynote Address: Honorable Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army

Discussion topics on the San Diego event agenda include:

  • Interpretation and development of interventions for combatant health and performance
  • Bits to Bio
  • Expansion of operations in the Arctic
  • Demo: Mobile Force Protection (MFP)
  • Engineering of polyketide synthases for synthetic chemistry
  • Medical Triage Challenge
  • Keynote: LTG Scott Dingle, Surgeon General, US Army
  • Quantum: separating the real from the hype
  • Russian information operations in Ukraine
  • Software development and assurance pipeline
  • Large-scale innovations to detect and combat disease
  • quantum computing
  • Pushing the boundaries of technology
  • Demo: Extreme Optics and Imaging (EXTREME)
  • Next Generation Communication
  • Future G at DoD
  • Demo: Ocean of Things
  • Power everywhere

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