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Online collaborative work through COVID, Sapphire Coast businesswomen join virtual community, offer support and mentorship | Magnet

Sheree Rubenstein of One Roof, which offers digital membership to women leaders and entrepreneurs and has grown to over 500 women across Australia in just nine months.

Sapphire Coast Business Women (SCBW) is softening the blow to women in business by opening their virtual doors to coworking and e-learning.

SCBW co-founders Mia Maze and Julie Novotny see this as an important opportunity to further support local women by providing more virtual options to their community.

SCBW now hosts two monthly virtual meetings: a casual “Eat and Meet” and “The Learning Table” as well as a “Monthly Social Lunch” in Eden, Merimbula, Tathra or Bega and brings much-needed business to local restaurants.

The next scheduled event is “The Learning Table,” where women gather in a virtual boardroom to learn from professionals and mentors, as well as find connections and support in unscripted discussions.

This month, One Roof’s Sheree Rubenstein will join the table. Dedicated to supporting, empowering and celebrating women, Sheree is a former corporate lawyer and entrepreneur.

Dubbed the “Queen of the Community”, Sheree is the founder of One Roof, Australia’s first and largest women’s co-working centre.

In the wake of COVID, Sheree now runs One Roof as a digital membership for women leaders and entrepreneurs, which has grown to over 500 women across Australia in just nine months.

Sheree is a Telstra Business Women’s Award finalist, an AFR 100 Women of Influence and a guide for many women in their business and career journey.

The online event is free and open to members and non-members.

The online event is free and open to members and non-members.

Mia said SCBW sees the need for women on our coast to stay connected.

“Our mission remains the same: to provide a safe space where women can interact with like-minded women in a nurturing, supportive and female-led environment,” she said.

“At the moment our focus is on digitally supporting our community through our incredible collaboration with One Roof, so that even when our borders with Victoria, other parts of NSW and now the ACT are blocked, our connections are limitless. .”

SCBW encourages all businesswomen to take this opportunity to learn more about the importance of working together and hear from Sheree Rubenstein on how they can access One Roof digital membership as part of the option local Sapphire membership for masterclasses in pilates, meditation, journaling, professional assistance, and more.

Mia and Julie are currently exploring additional funding options, partnerships and collaborations to provide even more support for women in business.

“It’s more crucial than before to stay visual and come together,” Mia said.

This event is free and open to members and non-members.