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Ocean City Film Festival returns in person after virtual event | Recent news

OCEAN CITY, Maryland — The Ocean City Film Festival returns for the first time in person since the pandemic began.

Moviegoers will be treated to 100 films from independent filmmakers around the world.

OC Film Festival creative director BL Strang-Moya said the festival had returned to a sense of normalcy after going entirely virtual last year.

“Going into this weekend it feels like we have two years of momentum which is really exciting because we had such a bright and hopeful future in 2020 and then we had to move on to the virtual immediately afterwards,” Strang-Moya said. .

Willards native Matthew McQueeney won the People’s Choice award at the 2020 festival. It was the last in-person event in town before COVID shut down everything.

“We put a lot of movies in a flagship theater just down the street, which is an awesome theatre. It’s really cool that we got that opportunity. These movies aren’t shown on a small projection screen, it’s was in a theater, so that was really cool,” McQueeney said.

Strang-Moya says it’s important to showcase filmmakers here on Delmarva, as a native of the peninsula himself.

“Since we started this in 2017, we’ve really created something where there was no opportunity before and we’ve seen a community grow around it,” Strang-Moya said.

The film festival will end on Sunday with an awards ceremony. Registration for next year will open in April.