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Nuance Brings Virtual Assistant and Voice Recognition Security to Wings Financial Credit Union

Minnesota’s largest credit union will integrate Nuance voice AI to serve as a virtual assistant and biometric security for customers. Wings Financial Credit Union is part of the growing trend for financial institutions to integrate voice technology into their services and is working with Nuance even as the AI ​​platform developer is currently undergoing a 19,000 acquisition. $7 billion by Microsoft,

Wing Aid

The arrangement with Nuance will give Wings customers access to a personalized credit union virtual assistant capable of answering financial questions at any time. The AI ​​is connected to a call center and will transfer people to a human during business hours if the AI ​​cannot answer their questions. The interaction is preserved across different channels, so someone can have a text conversation on the website and move it to a phone call. The AI ​​will present the information to a human agent or a human agent without having to start over. Wings also takes over Nuance’s Gatekeeper, a voice biometrics system. Gatekeeper uses Nance’s AI to trace and memorize the sound of a person’s voice based on over a thousand factors. The tool helps secure user accounts and limits the risk of identity theft or other fraud, even if a password or other personal information is exposed or stolen.

“We recognize that our members’ expectations are changing; they are spending more time online and interacting with us primarily through audio and digital channels,” Wings Financial vice president Matt Vignale said in a statement. “We are confident that Nuance’s AI technology can improve our ability to deliver the same personalized and enjoyable experiences our members are accustomed to receiving when they visit our branches, while protecting them from fraudsters.”

Betting on AI

Nuance points to research showing that consumer behavior is changing rapidly in 2020, fueled in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for online interactions, including in banking, has exploded. This has been evident in many banks developing and updating their own virtual assistants. Last year, US Bank launched a voice assistant for its mobile app to allow users to complete their banking requests using conversational language and mimicking the experience of talking to a bank teller. And Bank of America has seen its existing virtual assistant, Erica, become more popular and more often used around the same time. Wings also uses technology from Nuance to meet these needs.

“Virtually every financial institution in the world, regardless of size or scale, is adapting to new digital transformation strategies to keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands and expectations,” said Robert Weideman, vice-president executive chairman of Nuance Enterprise. “Wings Financial is part of an innovative group of organizations that recognize the value of voice biometrics and conversational AI solutions to drive growth and delight customers.”

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