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News from our partners: Television’s Adrian Chiles will lead a virtual conference on addiction

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News from our partners Share Shrewsbury

TV’s Adrian Chiles and journalist Camilla Tominey are among the high-profile names leading a virtual addiction conference on Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20, 2022.

The charity behind the virtual conference, Share Shrewsbury, was founded by former Shrewsbury Mayor Jane Mackenzie following the death of her 37-year-old daughter Amy following a dependence on alcohol.

Virtual Conference “Alcohol: Sharing the Truth”

Speaking about why she believes the conference, ‘Alcohol: Sharing the Truth’, is necessary, Jane said:-

“This lecture will be the first of its kind in the UK and is a tribute to my daughter Amy, who died of alcohol addiction.

“During the last ten years of her life, I watched Amy slowly be destroyed by alcohol. She was a beautiful, charismatic and extraordinary woman, and to know Amy was to love her. But over the in her twenties, her alcohol addiction became an addiction and she lost control of her life.

“Although she is no longer with us, Amy’s voice continues to deliver an important message about the changes that must happen to prevent others from dying like she did.”

In addition to celebrity speakers, the virtual conference also attracted leading medical experts who have dedicated their careers to increasing our understanding of alcohol and addiction. Through insightful interviews and discussions, they’ll demonstrate how dangerous alcohol can be, the damage it does to the body, and how the latest research is teaching us new ways to approach treatment and recovery.

Joan added:-

“Our virtual conference is for anyone, from anywhere in the country, who wants to learn more about alcohol and its impact on the individual, family and society. During the two-day conference, we’ll hear about the latest breakthroughs in alcohol addiction research and treatment. Our world-class speakers will share best practices in recovery and how families can play a central role in it.

“We will explore the ways in which stigma negatively affects recovery and highlight why we need to change the way we think about addictive behaviors and address the physical and mental issues of people who suffer from it from the start.

“You will hear first-hand accounts of how alcohol addiction affects individuals and families, told by people with lived experience. We will hear from celebrity speakers, who will share their own experiences with alcohol addiction and answer questions from delegates.

One such famous speaker is ex-Day 2 host Adrian Chiles, who spoke about his drinking habits in his documentary Drinkers Like Me in 2018. In addition to the former presenter of The One Show and royal and political journalist Camilla Tominey, there will be presentations from former Government Advisory Council member Chip Somers, National Recovery Champion Dr Ed Day, Professor David Nutt and Professor Markus Heilig.

Tickets start at £3 and can be purchased via the association’s website: