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MyOutDesk celebrates 15 years of virtual assistant services — RISMedia

MyOutDesk announced that the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the virtual assistant services industry. The company was founded with the goal of helping scale growing businesses with virtual assistants.

“I started MyOutDesk because as a passionate entrepreneur with ambitious goals, I needed to buy back some of my time to grow my business. After raving about my virtual assistant and how she had changed my company, a friend asked me if I could help her hire a virtual assistant,” said Daniel Ramsey, CEO and Founder of MyOutDesk, LLC. “Realizing there is so much talent available to Philippines, and with North America’s tight labor market, rising employment costs and legal constraints for employers, our model just makes sense for most businesses.”

With a vision of finding talent and matching talent, MyOutDesk’s mission is to make its virtual assistants indispensable to their customers while creating an impact in the world, a company statement said. Its strategic consultation and talent identification process sets MyOutDesk apart and continues to make it the most important in the industry, according to the company.

MyOutDesk has enjoyed success over the years with a multi-industry expansion, with over 37% of business coming from outside of its founding real estate industry. Along with the company’s book, “Scaling your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals,” its nonprofit, the MOD Movement is another Ramsey and MyOutDesk achievement, garnering an 11% customer engagement rate, according to the society.

MyOutDesk has grown its workforce by 89% over the past two years as the company says it has helped the world become more comfortable with remote working. Reaching a strategic milestone in its 15th year, reaching over 2,000 virtual assistants. MyOutDesk’s mission is to make its virtual assistants indispensable to customers while creating an impact in the world, according to the company.

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