Virtual event

Mosdos chiefs in Farbreng during the 28 Nissan Virtual Event

Directors of several central Chabad institutions in Farbreng during the upcoming 24-28 virtual Nissan Mega-Farborengen starting on Motzei Shabbos at 10 p.m. ET. Full story

Chabad’s global influence is the combined work of thousands of shluchim and shluchos, each nurturing their own community. Working quietly behind the scenes, Chabad institutions provide educators and shluchim with resources that enable shluchim to increase their reach and be even more effective as educators and influencers.

At the next Mega-Farbrengen held in honor of 28 Nissan, leaders and directors from many of these institutions will come together with the global Chabad community. As director of Chabad on Campus, Rabbi Yossy Gordon oversaw a revolution in Jewish life on college campuses. He saw the myriad of small ways that campus shluchim touched the lives of Jewish students. At Mega-Farbrengen, he will share insight into some of the ways we can all influence the people in our lives.

Rabbi Sholom Duchman, director of Colel Chabad, will also bring his view on the theme of farbrengen; everyone is an influencer. Throughout the twenty-four hours of virtual farbrengen, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon will speak, addressing the lessons he learned as director of Sichos in English, and making the Rebbe’s teaching accessible to a wider audience. Rabbi Efraim Mintzexecutive director of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, Chabad’s adult education arm, will also address the topic of farbrengen.

Another expected highlight of the event are the words of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarskyvice president of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and rabbi Mendy Kotlarskiexecutive director of Merkos Suite 302. “Mosdos are built by people,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, “and the influence of our mosdos is a reflection of the influence that each of us is capable of achieving.”

for the rabbi Shloime Naparstek, director of the Moshiach Office, the directors’ presence at 28 Nissan Mega-Farbrengen is significant because it reminds us of the power we all have. “In a sense, every person can become a Mosed in their own right,” he says, “we can think about the tools we can build to positively influence the people around us.”