Virtual conference

Mercury as a Global Pollutant Virtual Conference Envirotech Online

The 15th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), themed “Reducing Mercury Emissions to Achieve a Greener World”, will take place as a virtual event taking place July 25-29, 2022. Presentations will also be available for all registered delegates. to review and consult after the event. Through our interactive platform, delegates will be able to ask questions of presenters and network with other attendees and corporate sponsors.

This meeting will seek to assess the implementation of solutions to reduce emissions and exposure to mercury as a global environmental pollutant and to test the effectiveness of the implementation of the Minamata Convention in various parts of the world.

The conference will bring together representatives from industry, government, research institutes, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and academia to discuss, among other things, options for low-mercury energy and industrial technologies and the low mercury society concept. The event will also showcase new equipment to measure mercury in various environmental samples, as well as technologies to reduce mercury emissions and exposure.

Mercury Conference sessions include:

  • Addressing Global Hg Challenges in a Changing World
  • Hg Speciation Analytical Methods to Assess Climate Change Impacts
  • Atmospheric Hg cycling: source and emissions
  • Case studies on the implementation of the Minamata Convention
  • Communities, mercury and climate change
  • Energy/fossil fuels
  • Where are we in implementing the Minamata Convention?
  • Human exposure and Hg risk assessment
  • Mercury emissions: monitoring and analysis
  • Mercury in artisanal gold mining
  • Mercury in contaminated sites
  • Mercury in freshwater ecosystems
  • Mercury in marine ecosystems
  • Mercury in polar ecosystems
  • Mercury in terrestrial ecosystems
  • Mercury Regulatory and Policy Issues
  • Mercury treatment/reduction
  • Predicting the impacts of climate change on the Hg cycle
  • Advances in understanding the impacts of Hg and human health
  • Hg exposure risk assessment for wildlife, birds and fish
  • The impacts of climate change on the global cycle of Hg

Special screenings

  • Artisanal and small-scale gold mining – challenges and solutions
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in the face of climate uncertainties
  • Climate-related disturbances of the Arctic mercury cycle – a special session coupled with the AMAP 2021 Mercury Assessment
  • Global mercury concentrations in biota: their use as the basis for a global monitoring framework
  • Impacts of climate change on the global mercury cycle
  • Mercury in the southern hemisphere
  • Metaomics and geochemical approaches to link microbial activity to the biogeochemical cycle of mercury
  • Metrological traceability for mercury analysis and speciation
  • National Action Plans to Reduce Mercury Use in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: Translating Data into Policy Responses
  • New developments in understanding reactive mercury concentrations and chemistry
  • planetGOLD: A pathway to reduce global mercury pollution from artisanal and small-scale gold mining
  • Selenium-mercury interactions in aquatic food webs: state of the science and future research directions