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Meet DRUID: AI-Based Virtual Assistant Supply Gets $15M For Romanian Platform

Bucharest-based AI-powered conversational business platform that helps companies implement their digital transformation programs, DRUID raised $15 million to accelerate its growth and expansion in Europe and North America. The startup will also add new features to its conversational AI offering and further develop its user experience.

The tour was led by Karma Ventures and Hoxton Venturesjoined by GapMinder and four other investors from Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Romania.

The new business environment that has emerged over the past two years has resulted in rapid acceptance and an ever-increasing need for AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants. DRUID’s conversational AI-powered business applications enable businesses to improve user experience for customers and employees.

Regarding international expansion, the company plans to open new offices in France and Germany by the end of 2022 and consolidate its existing presence in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Liviu Dragan, CEO, DRUID said, “Our goal is to provide a virtual assistant to every employee. Our goal is to empower businesses around the world to use DRUID solutions to build customer loyalty and boost employee retention for businesses of all sizes. We are going beyond the current typical constraints of conversational solutions to create a new category of products, conversational business applications (CBAs), which will enable AI to drive complex processes and help people achieve better results. commercial.

Kristjan Laannemaa, founding partner, Karma VC added: “DRUID is our first investment in Romania. UiPath has made the great potential of the Romanian tech ecosystem known to the world and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with Liviu Dragan and her team on another fast growing software company.

“At Hoxton, we support European businesses that can scale globally. We are excited about DRUID’s growth in the United States and are confident that with this new funding, it will become the category leader for the ABC,” said Hussein Kanjipartner, Hoxton Ventures.