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MDA invites small businesses to a virtual conference | military scene

The Missile Defense Agency’s Office of Small Business Programs has announced that this year’s conference will take place virtually May 10-12.

The theme for 2022 is “Focus on Foundations for Missile Defense to Support Warfighter Capability Delivery”.

The objective of the virtual conference is to help small and large contractors understand how to do business with MDA by providing information on opportunities to meet missile defense system requirements in upcoming procurements.

Vice Admiral of MDA Director Jon Hill, MDA Executive Director Laura DeSimone and MDA Director of Contracts John Mayes are among the guest speakers. The Missile and Space Program Executive Office, Small Business Administration, General Service Agency, Department of Defense OSBP and local Small Business Support Centers will also be represented.

MDA OSBP Acting Director Jerrol Sullivan said the event will provide insight into MDA’s mission, focus areas for fiscal year 2022 and future requirements.

“With this information, industry can be better prepared to submit quality proposals when competing for the award of contracts as prime contractor or subcontractor,” Sullivan said.

Topics covered during the three-day conference will be relevant to one of the three pillars of missile defense: operations and preparation, production and fielding, and development and technology. Among these is the Mentor Protégé program, which incentivizes key Department of Defense contractors to partner with eligible small businesses, helping them expand their footprint in the defense industrial base and become part of of the army supply chain.

“One of the many benefits of live small business conferences is the opportunity for in-person networking that allows for valuable formal and informal connections during the match and between sessions,” Sullivan said.

Although Sullivan said some aspects of face-to-face interactions cannot be duplicated, virtual 10-minute matchmaking sessions will take up most of the final day of the conference where small business representatives can interact with representatives. government agencies and large corporations. .

MDA’s OSBP facilitates access to the capabilities that reside in the small business industrial base that MDA relies on for missile defense. Its vision statement reads, “We strive to remain an integral player and valuable advisor to the workforce that develops and implements acquisition strategies supporting MDA’s foundation for missile defense, while effectively advocating for the use of small businesses in our procurement.

Along with the Mentor Protégé program, MDA OSBP oversees programs for disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses, businesses owned by veterans with disabilities, and historically underutilized commercial areas, or HUBZones. Through additional outreach programs, OSBP advocates for small businesses and helps them understand MDA and where their products and services might best fit with the agency’s mission.

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