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Lake-based virtual assistant company celebrates one year in business |


Jess Chattin “thanks God for His goodness” and celebrates her first full year in business.

Jess Chattin Virtual Assistant Services is thriving, and as owner, Chattin is pleased to be able to offer her services to clients around Smith Mountain Lake and beyond.

“The services I offer, which range from administrative support, social media management, email management, light bookkeeping, customer service and many other services, provide clients with peace of mind. mind and allow business owners to focus on their customers and leave the mundane tasks to me,” Chattin said.

The road to owning your own business was a bit bumpy at first.

When the pandemic shut everything down, Chattin was fired from her job.

“I wasn’t even worried,” she said. “I knew God would take care of me somehow, financially.”

Chattin said Lakeisha Swain, a “dear” friend of hers at the time, needed a virtual assistant for her consulting business.

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“I had absolutely no idea what a virtual assistant was, what a virtual assistant did, or even how to fill out paperwork to start my own business,” Chattin said, “But, God led every step of the way for me and my business.”

During the first year, Chattin spent a lot of time learning the ropes and steps to owning his own business.

“The past year has been all about learning the ins and outs of being a businesswoman, a boss and a business partner,” she said. “I just wanted to get my business up and running in my community to see what the needs were at the time.”

Chattin named his company “SML Virtual Assistant Services, LLC” and started running things from his home in Moneta.

Chattin still runs things from her home in Bedford County, but often finds herself at the Smith Mountain Lake Coffee Shop when she needs to meet potential clients or CJ’s Sandwich and Coffee Shop when she needs to focus on business. ‘a customer.

“My favorite place is EastLake Community Church when I have to focus on my job and thank God for His goodness with my business,” she said.

Although her goal is to serve Smith Mountain Lake customers, Chattin said she realized she was limited to the lake when there were potential customers far beyond the lake’s borders who could benefit from its services.

“I didn’t want my company name to hold me back from achieving higher goals,” she said. “So, effective February 25, I’m ‘Jess Chattin Virtual Assistant Services’.”

Chattin currently assists local business owners in a variety of fields – from real estate agents and photographers to entrepreneurs and beekeepers.

“My company contributes a lot to the community in many ways,” Chattin said. “I enjoy being just real and listening when business owners tell me they are drowning in their own work. I am also able to use my consulting skills to bring peace to these landlords and listen to them as I provide them with peace of mind options for my services.”

Since reaching out to Chattin, local beekeeper Chuck Hutto with Hardy Honey is enjoying a bigger social media presence and increased business connections.

“Hutto is so excited when I connect him with a new business in Smith Mountain Lake that can sell his honey,” Chattin said. With Chattin’s help, Hutto’s Honey can now be purchased at the Smith Mountain Lake Coffee Shop and the Glenwood Hardware Store.

Chattin also manages social media for Hutto’s son, Ben Hutto, owner of Northridge Construction.

Chattin’s virtual assistance has also been extended to Ashley Wainwright Donahue, a Wainwright & Co. – REALTORS broker.

“She’s amazing and such a joy to work with at Smith Mountain Lake,” Chattin said. “His company just got voted the best real estate company in SML, so it’s great to be a part of it.”

Chattin’s expertise also includes email management, which has been a help for Mullins Media Company and local photographer Adam Mullins.

“I have several other companies across the country that I work for, but a notable one who just signed a contract with my company is famous social media influencer and TikToker Jen Hamilton,” Chattin said.

Hamilton – a nurse and mother – has 1.6 million followers and has called on Chattin to help with social media and email, as well as contacting and responding to inquiries for her business.

“Jen has been featured on MSNBC and Fox News and, most importantly, her mission is to support the field of nursing in a time when nurses need so much love and comfort right now,” Chattin said.

To add to his new business name, Chattin created a new website –

Initially, Chattin offers potential customers a 30-day contract for $500. During the 30-day trial period, Chattin and the customer work together to determine if they will be a good fit for each other.

“I know not everyone will work well together,” Chattin said. “I’ve learned this in my 25 years of working in the workforce industry.”

If a match is made, the contract will be re-evaluated and Chattin and the client will continue their partnership.

“If it’s not a good fit, then we part ways, never once giving the other company negative feedback, publicly,” Chattin added.

In addition to virtual assistant services, Chattin loves photography and offers a package through its website.

“My photography is more ministry-based and fun than work-based,” Chattin said.

Owning her own business was never part of Chattin’s life plan. Fear of not being able to support his family financially made owning a business out of reach.

“We have bills like every other family,” she said. “It’s all about trial and error.”

Chattin said her business is growing and things are going better than she could have ever dreamed or imagined.

“I wake up every day with this company and some days I still feel like it’s all just a dream,” she said. “I am growing up from the consequences of the pandemic and I don’t see any intention of stopping any time soon. We live in a time where the current labor industry does not match the society of “Today. Working moms want to do it all, but they can’t. When they hire the services of virtual assistant Jess Chattin, they reclaim their sanity and can focus on real life with their growing families.” I like this.”

Business owners feeling overwhelmed by the mundane tasks piling up should contact Chattin at [email protected], (540) 580-8743 or on the website at