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Labroots Announces 6th Virtual Lab Automation Online Event May 18, 2022

Lab Automation, May 18, 2022

Labroots, the leading science social networking website, providing premier virtual events and interactive webinars, is thrilled to announce Laboratory Automation 2022 for the 6th consecutive year, scheduled for May 18, 2022. The one-day program is free and suitable for biotechnology executives, laboratory managers, senior scientists, researchers and experts from leading academic and industrial institutions to gain knowledge and insight into laboratory science and technology practices.

The event brings together eminent speakers from around the world to discuss new strategies and the most recent technological advances and methodologies to improve laboratory automation. Attendees will experience a stellar keynote followed by lively Q&As, informative panel discussions, and featured discussions, all aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of laboratory research. Presentation highlights include sessions on advances in microfluidics, emerging methods and automation, and compliance with laboratory software.

To start the day, a presentation sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific titled, Recent Advances in Freeze-Dried qPCR Reagents demonstrates how lyo-ready enzymes can provide a viable solution for assay development. Next, a scheduled keynote exploring commercialization and entrepreneurial lessons from microfluidic biotechnology startups presented by Dr. Kalyan Handique, Vice President of Advanced Technologies at BioRad, will engage the audience with live Q&A after the discussion.

“Microfluidic technology has served millions of lives in the biotechnology industry, whether in life science research or clinical diagnostics,” said Dr. Kalyan Handique, Vice President, Advanced Technologies at BioRad. “Most of these technologies are created in academic and research institutions by researchers like you. While publishing an initial proof-of-concept in the lab can be rewarding, a company really benefits when these technologies are brought to market as reliable, easy-to-use products. Successful commercialization requires tremendous effort from an entrepreneurial team over a long period of time, overcoming huge obstacles along the way. In this talk, I will share some of the lessons I have learned so that it may inspire some of you to take the plunge to benefit so many others.

The virtual event will also include several sponsored panel presentations you won’t want to miss, including:

  • Panel Presentation: From Concept to Commercialization: Thermo Fisher’s Unique Approach to Rapidly Advancing Your Antibody and Protein Therapeutics, joined by Steve Lewis, Senior Product Manager, Gene Synthesis and Synthetic Biology, and Dr. Jeff Hou , Director of Scientific and Technical Affairs, Pharma Services, both at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Panel presentation: Automating High-throughput Luminex Assays for Multiple Gene and Protein Analysis, presented by Dr. Stefan Jellbauer, Product Manager QuantiGene gene expression assays and Luminex Instruments, and Dr. Bani Suri, Product Manager Software, Laboratory Automation.
  • Panel Presentation: Step Away From Laborious NGS Library Preparation – Introducing the AVENIO Edge System, presented by Teri Mueller, Field Applications Consultant, Scott Verrow, Sr. Automation Support, and Andy Chiang, Roche Marketing Manager Sequencing.

More than a handful of on-demand lectures for immediate viewing will focus on cell pathology by single-cell genotype-phenotype mapping, high-throughput desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for reaction screening, synthesis at the nanoscale and bioanalysis, how single-cell measurements can benefit drug response testing, data integrity, and more.

Greg Cruikshank, President and CEO of Labroots, said, “After more than a decade of advancing science and discovery by connecting the scientific community through our virtual event offerings, we are excited to provide our attendees such an informative list of speakers to drive innovation towards the lab of the future. We are committed to providing Laboratory Automation 2022 attendees with an unparalleled educational experience to explore new developments in the field.

Produced on Labroots’ robust platform while connecting to all desktop and mobile devices, the environment includes a lobby with leaderboard and gamification, an auditorium featuring live video webcasts offering live chat live to attendees during scheduled presentations, an interactive display room with a poster contest and live chat conversations, an exhibition hall (highlighting the latest range of products and technologies) and a networking offering engaging opportunities to connect with your colleagues.

Labroots is an accredited provider of clinical laboratory science continuing education programs through the ASCLS PACE ® program. By attending this event, you can earn CE credits for approved presentations for up to 30 credits.

To register for the event, click here.

Attendees can use the official #LRlabauto hashtag to follow the conversation and connect with other members of the lab automation community! To follow @CellBiology_LR on Twitter and @CellandMolecularBiology.LR on Facebook to connect with our cellular and molecular biology editors and stay up to date with the latest science trends.

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