Virtual conference

itsNFT: Virtual conference for investing and trading NFTs. June 1, 2022 | NFT CULTURE | NFT and crypto art

As part of Web3 Week, a week-long series of events focusing on different areas of Web 3. Blockchains and decentralized applications give us another chance to realize the true potential of the Internet, Ninjalerts is in headliner of itsNFT virtual conference for NFT Traders.

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The events are independent of the channel, creators and artists first, and will primarily focus on NFTs, the metaverse, and music. Register once to attend all sessions and look for special programming for NFT holders.

Art before ads, letting go of gatekeepers, exchanging value for extraction. #Web3Week

The pinnacle of investment and trading for NFTs. A free one-day virtual conference and exhibition to welcome new investors and traders.

its NFT speakers

  • Andrew Wang
  • Alemsah “NFT” Ozturk
  • Vinnie Häger
  • BoredElonMusk
  • John Ennis
  • Trevor Owen
  • Booer Toys
  • Brittany Laughlin
  • CyberCodeTwins
  • Balloon Ed
  • Storm
  • Evil (RedBeanDAO)

Event details

Web 3 Week will take place on Hopin, a virtual event platform. It will also be streamed via YouTube. Look for sessions with additional requirements, such as having a specific NFT for access. These breakout events can happen in Discord, other hidden places, and maybe even IRL ;).