Virtual assistant

ICICI Lombard introduces the intelligent virtual assistant RIA

ICICI Lombard, a private general insurance company, introduced RIA (Responsive Intelligent Assistant), an NLP-enabled chatbot that will help improve the end-user experience. The chatbot comes in the form of a human avatar which allows you to converse with customers in English and will soon be able to do so in Hindi as well.

RIA uses state-of-the-art technology to process natural language as input and is equipped with an intent mining module that will help provide excellent conversational experience to customers. As the face of ICICI Lombard, RIA will help resolve customer queries through multiple platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and the official website. RIA is a good listener and quick problem solver. She embodies an intelligent woman who is a mixture of gentleness and power and who knows how to lead a well-balanced life.

Girish Nayak, Head of Service, Operations and Technology, ICICI Lombard, said, “Conversational AI, when supported by NLP, bridges the gap between the monotony of automation and the personal attention combined with human connection. Our effort is to make this technology a source of ease and efficiency for our customers. Our chatbot, RIA, has evolved to the point where it can “understand” our language and behaviors, correctly understand the customer query, and take appropriate action based on all relevant information. RIA leverages the same technology across all of our service platforms, ensuring a seamless customer experience. RIA constantly learns about every customer interaction and also collects customer feedback to help it continuously improve. »

RIA can perceive the context of a conversation even when there is minimal input from customers. Once it perceives the context, RIA will activate the menus most closely related to the inputs. RIA is extremely fast and can communicate with customers, understand their expectations, process their requests and provide the best possible solution to their queries in seconds. Additionally, she can also educate and assist clients with motor vehicle claims, electronic copies of policy documents, policy renewals, changing/updating policy information and any other relevant services. The chatbot uses conversational AI to overcome the conventional rigid flow of automated conversations and is able to deliver a smooth and natural conversation that is indistinguishable from human interaction.

RIA aims to alleviate customer concerns, provide more efficient and convenient service than ever before, and deliver a broader set of customer support solutions by leveraging technology.

ICICI Lombard has recently introduced various innovative, industry-first technology-driven solutions, such as video calling, a facial analysis feature in its signature ILTakeCare app to help check key health metrics, OPD services without cash, and more. True to its brand philosophy “Nibhaye Vaade” (Keeping promises), the insurer continues to develop similar solutions based on new era technologies, with the intention of making life easier for its customers by enabling them to address policy and claim related issues from the comfort of their own home.