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How to become a virtual assistant: your guide to start making money

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“The Big Quit” is far from over – in fact, 20% of people are still planning to quit their jobs in 2022, according to PwC. With this renewed prioritization of work-life balance, many are wondering how to become a virtual assistant.

How to become a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant goes through several stages:

  1. Define a niche or specialized service to offer
  2. Build a product portfolio to demonstrate capabilities
  3. Optimize online profiles and apply for roles or projects

A little prep work will be required to get up and running at first, but it can be worth it. Not only can this change give workers more freedom, but they could also have the chance to earn more.

Before exploring this, however, it is important to know what virtual assistants do.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker recruited to help with day-to-day tasks for entrepreneurs and businesses. It’s a cost-effective way for businesses to find skilled workers without necessarily employing them full-time.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants are not limited to a few positions. The work of virtual assistants can range from managing the calendar to fully managing social media operations. Here are some popular roles virtual assistants play:

  • Customer service
  • E-commerce store management
  • Inventory management
  • Social media management
  • Blogging and writing services
  • Marketing services
  • Web development
  • Bookkeeping or bookkeeping
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation

Where to find work as a virtual assistant

Recruiters advertise virtual assistant roles through traditional platforms such as LinkedIn and That said, many companies seek out virtual assistant candidates directly using online freelance platforms. So ideally people should be targeting a niche on one of these platforms. Some of them include:

Also, contacting business owners directly and networking at events can be a great way to find new customers.

What do I need to become a virtual assistant?

Anyone with a stable internet connection can become a virtual assistant, regardless of location. Since virtual assistants have many similarities to freelancers, a good idea is to create a comprehensive portfolio. This can be exemplified by comprehensive online profiles or a website to stand out from the competition.

Is it difficult to become a virtual assistant without experience?

Specialized experience helps land jobs, but companies hire for a variety of different tasks and projects. There are prospects for absolute beginners and seasoned pros alike.

For inexperienced Virtual Assistants, earning a steady income can take time – consistent work can be hard to come by before developing a positive online reputation. Like any other service business, virtual assistants need to demonstrate why they’re worth it. A good strategy for increasing long-term earning potential is to invest in upskilling and exceeding client expectations with great work as often as possible.

How many hours do virtual assistants work?

Virtual assistants can be hired for full-time and part-time work, as well as on a defined project basis with no fixed hours. They choose their level of involvement based on the role they are applying for. Overall, the schedules are flexible, with the decision to accept a job being at the discretion of each virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant Salary Guide

Salaries for virtual assistants vary widely depending on location, tasks performed, amount of work performed, and an individual’s tax residency. In the United States, virtual assistants can earn more than $60,000 per year on average, which is higher than the national average of $53,490 for full-time employees.

Virtual assistant salary per hour

The average hourly wage for a virtual assistant in the United States is $20.41.

Virtual assistant salary per day

The average daily salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $211.

Virtual assistant salary per week

The average weekly salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $1,125.

Virtual assistant salary per month

The average monthly salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $4,354.

Virtual assistant salary per year

The average annual salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $61,500.

Final take

There can be a learning curve before you land the first gig as a virtual assistant. Once the projects are running, people who pursue this career as a career have the potential to earn enough money to easily cover expenses and achieve a good standard of living.

Information is accurate as of July 6, 2022.

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