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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs: Why Letting Go Is So Hard

For many entrepreneurs, hiring a virtual assistant is something that sits at the bottom of their “to do” list for months or even years. They know that delegating is a powerful tool. They’ve heard stories of others who have freed up time from their schedules, made more money, and grown their business by leaps and bounds.

These business owners believe in the power of virtual assistants. For the others. And for a future version of themselves. But for some reason, they have a long list of excuses as to why they haven’t done it yet.

How can this happen? How do so many smart business owners procrastinate before doing something they understand could lead to greater success?

Unfortunately, this is completely normal. Entrepreneurs are hard workers. They are innovative thinkers who are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. They care a lot about bringing their ideas to fruition and aren’t afraid to put in the hours.

In many ways, this fierce desire to protect their business and work hard to make things happen is what drives their business to success.

In this rare case, this protective thinking can hold entrepreneurs back.

Your time is precious

As a business owner, your time is most valuable. You need time to do things that only you can do. The types of tasks you do best that propel your business to greater heights.

While this is hard for many innovative business owners to accept, you also need time to rest. It doesn’t make sense to spend your day on your most valuable work and then decide it’s okay to stay up all night answering emails. By taking care of yourself and leading a balanced life, you will have a clearer mind for the type of work you need to be at your best.

Repetitive tasks are teachable. A task that can be taught to someone else and done without your time should be passed on to free up time in your schedule for the work you do best. Things like data entry, lead generation, and email marketing are all great uses for a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs.

Trusting someone else with your work is hard

The instinct to protect your business is good. You need to protect your assets and your reputation. This means that you cannot have just anyone representing the work being done in your company.

Fortunately, there are solutions for this.

Recognizing the need for virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, agencies opened up with vetted virtual assistants. You can work with someone remotely and feel more secure knowing that person is less likely to let you down in the middle of a project or submit something without doing their best. When you hire a virtual assistant through an agency, that assistant has been trained. They have already done this work. And they are accountable not only to you, but also to the agency that employs them.

This more professional approach creates a system with greater trust between the virtual assistant and the entrepreneur.

Once you find a virtual assistant (VA) you trust and see the results in your business, it will become easier to imagine giving them more tasks for even greater success.

What can virtual assistants do for entrepreneurs?

This is another obstacle that many entrepreneurs face: they cannot imagine what tasks they could possibly entrust.

Once you get past the initial hurdle of giving up some of your work and finding an agency you trust, it becomes easier to recognize the types of tasks that would be perfect for someone to help you with. .

How much of your day do you spend managing your social media? Do you care to track engagement? You may feel like this is something only you can do when you’re concerned about staying true to your brand, but when you find a VA you can trust, you can also communicate with them about your brand and the type of content and topics that best represent the interests of your audience and promote your brand’s offers via social networks. Luckily, while transferring control of this task may be new to you, your virtual assistant will be experienced. They know what types of questions to ask you to do the job right.

Your inbox is messy? As virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, these professionals have experience in organizing contacts and communications. Without your valuable time spent on emails, you can have a company that is known to keep up with communications with your customers quickly and correctly.

Do you need your online store to be properly updated, on brand, and better organized? This is something you can work with a trained and experienced VA for best results.

These are just a few examples of how a great VA can revolutionize the way you run your business.

Virtual Assistants Improve Business for Entrepreneurs

By taking the steps to finally hire a virtual assistant, entrepreneurs find themselves with the possibility of a better balance of time and room for innovation. By freeing up the hours you’d spend emptying your inbox, you’re not only managing that task efficiently and freeing up time to do your best, but you’re freeing up the mental space you need to take your business to its next. . big step.

Letting go and building a bigger business can be emotionally difficult at first, but the rewards are worth the push and so you can grow to be as successful as your business deserves.