Virtual conference

Healthy Lives, Safe Workplaces – Register for CASA’s second virtual conference

Using the Pheedloop platform, the ACSA 2022 conference will feature over 10 live web presentations, real-time virtual networking, gamification, and on-demand access to recorded web presentations.

A major highlight will be the keynote presentation by best-selling author and motivational speaker Linda Edgecombe on Monday, March 14. Participants will begin their journey by learning to relax and recognize the changes in their lives. Edgecombe will teach us to find meaning in what works and let go of what doesn’t.

Shawn Kanungo, the inspirational strategist of disruption, will end the conference on a high note on Friday, March 18. He will bring a unique perspective that will help individuals and teams build the mindset and muscles for disruption, focusing on how to make bold decisions. reinvent themselves and take charge of their destiny.

Over its five days, the ACSA 2022 conference will feature industry-specific topics for organizational and personal growth. The program includes occupational health and safety legislation updates, employment legal updates, technology advancements, news, Internal Responsibility System (IRS) overview, strategy and disruption prevention, screening and response to substance use in the construction industry.

ACSA also hosts two high-powered panels. The first will focus on the future of jobs and workplaces in Alberta, while the second will highlight new technologies set to transform the construction industry.