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In a booming global economy, American companies are increasingly relying on a hybrid in-house/remote staffing model. A Diverse, Distributed Team, Says Wishup Founder Neelesh Rangwaniincreases efficiency and can improve a company’s overall chances of success.

DELHI, India, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — America’s fast-growing small businesses are going global. In a recent survey, 58% of small businesses already had international customers and 72% planned to develop a global customer base within the year.(1) To serve this customer base, says Neelesh Rangwanifounder of delhivirtual assistant provider Wishup, and to stay abreast of global expansion, American companies must employ the services of a global workforce. “In a world of highly skilled and affordable workers,” he says, “those who only look to their local talent pool are missing out on a significant competitive advantage.”

Workforce diversity helps growing businesses meet the needs of an increasingly diverse marketplace. Recent research shows that a team with a member who shares a customer’s ethnicity is 152% more likely than an undiverse team to understand that customer.(2) Which applies to selling, notes Rangwani , also applies to purchase. 76% of candidates and employees surveyed said a diverse workforce was an important factor in their review of companies and job postings.(3)

One of the biggest factors impacting employment in the United States is the “Great Quit”, an accelerated rate of employee turnover that began in September of last year when a record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. (4) Labor instability isn’t just disruptive, Rangwani points out, it’s expensive. For jobs paying less than $50,000 per year, the average cost of replacing an employee is 20% of that employee’s total salary.(5)

Part of this cost, Rangwani notes, reflects the time and effort that management must devote to retaining the company’s staff – an expense driven up in fast-growing companies by the need not only to maintain the strength employees, but also to develop it. For this reason, more and more US-based companies are turning to agencies to recruit and train candidates on behalf of the employer. Some of the documented benefits of using a virtual assistant marketplace agency include reduced overhead, reduced overtime pay, reduced risk, improved return on investment, and up-to-date agency access to top talent networks.(6)

The gamut of staffing approaches today, Rangwani says, ranges from entirely in-person — the entire workforce is recruited and hired by the employer and works on-site — to entirely remote, such as it is found in many digital-focused companies. He also notes that fast-growing companies in particular are opting for a hybrid workforce in which local and remote workers interact freely across dispersed locations and markets. (7)

Employers can be sure, says Rangwani, that virtual assistant agencies will vet employees carefully and only hire those who are fluent in English and familiar with the culture, society, politics, etc. Americans. The best international agencies, he adds, only tap into the first tier of candidates.

For American businesses to be competitive in today’s global business community, having an international workforce is not only beneficial, it’s virtually mandatory. The easiest and most effective way to hire such an international workforce, Rangwani notes, is through an international virtual assistant agency. “These agencies know the market,” he says, “and they have access to the best graduates from colleges and universities in their country. If your rapidly growing business has global aspirations, they can be an invaluable partner in helping you achieve them.

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