Virtual assistant

Equity Bank launches Virtual Assistant available on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook

Equity today announced the introduction of the “Equity Virtual Assistant” (EVA). It is a chat platform which the bank hopes will take its financial services offering to the next level by presenting banking transactions as virtual conversations on social media platforms.

The Equity Virtual Assistant is available on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook:

According to Equity, the EVA chatbot extends digital banking and customer support services to existing and new customers and can simulate a conversation (or chat) with a user.

The bank says the experience is as easy and natural as having a conversation with a friend. Customers can now manage their accounts on EVA and interact with the virtual assistant to perform transactions such as buying airtime, sending money, purchasing goods and services, paying for invoices, view account balances and get a statement anytime and anywhere on the social media platform of their choice.

The announcement was made during the release of the first quarter 2022 results by Equity Group Managing Director and CEO, Dr James Mwangi. “We are more than a bank, we are a lifestyle enabler, meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers and our communities. The launch of Equity Virtual Assistant, EVA, is part of our effort to make our services and products available virtually and online. We continually invest in technology and products designed to give our customers more freedom of choice, ease of access, convenience and control. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, EVA will be able to constantly evolve and learn from the interactions it has with its customers to provide answers. We strive to provide financial services to our customers, wherever and whenever they are, in a secure, convenient and flexible way. »

The new Equity virtual assistant aims to improve the customer experience and streamline banking processes. EVA Chatbot is inspired by Equity’s investment in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and advanced analytics. These technologies are converging to create a new and improved experience for customers who can now access banking services without leaving their favorite social messaging apps. This adds to the innovations that have continued to drive Equity’s business transformation, enabling it to move from fixed cost to third-party variable channels and self-service platforms. These innovations have enabled the Bank’s transactions across mobile, web and third-party channels to increase to 97.1% in the first quarter of 2022, compared to only 2.9% of transactions carried out in physical branches and ATMs during the same period last year.

According to Global Web Index’s 2020 social media user trends data, Kenya has the highest percentage of monthly WhatsApp users compared to the rest of the world, with 97% of internet users in the country active on WhatsApp. Cumulatively, Kenya has approximately 11.75 million active social media users. This represents a unique opportunity for the Bank as it continues to develop innovative products to advance its digitization agenda across all customer touchpoints.

Equity improved customer journeys and experience, enabled additional banking transactions and updated security features on EVA, providing secure banking services and real-time response to a range of questions related to the company’s solutions and services. Bank. “The adoption and use of our digital transaction capabilities gives us confidence that Africa’s transformation is possible,” added Dr. Mwangi.

This latest innovation reaffirms the Bank’s commitment to continue helping its customers access banking services conveniently and securely through the enhancement of its digital channels and offering customers the ability to choose from a variety of platforms. social media platforms, from which to conduct banking transactions and engage the Bank.