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Druid Partners with Infermedica to Launch Innovative Virtual Assistant for Symptom Checker

DRUID, a market leader in conversational AI solutions, has completed a new conversational healthcare project with private medical network Regina Maria, with the help of specialist healthcare technology solutions provider Infermedica. The implementation is new to the Romanian healthcare market, leveraging the benefits of conversational AI technology to provide Romanian patients with a safer and more efficient symptom checker, guiding them to medical care. appropriate primaries, based on their described symptoms.

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The new smart virtual assistant, available free of charge to Regina Maria patients on the company’s website and mobile app, creates an engaging digital experience for patients by quickly and efficiently directing them to the right medical specialist for a appointment. The process is simple: once online, patients are guided through a comprehensive list of questions that help the conversational platform’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine make an informed assessment of their symptoms and risk factors. risk. Following this analysis of symptoms and having a solid database of over 720 conditions, the virtual assistant connects the patient to the appropriate medical services and guides them to book an appointment in a fully automated and digitized process. .

The virtual assistant should significantly improve the patient journey, rationalize the number and increase the quality of medical visits; doctors have online access to the symptoms described by the patient, which are automatically recorded in the system at the time of the appointment. In the long term, this will promote education and prevention by guiding them more quickly and precisely towards a possible diagnosis, by encouraging them to find the right doctor sooner.

DRUID built the virtual assistant using the Infermedica API, a technology that provides flexible access to all features available on the Infermedica platform. The platform represents a complex toolbox of advanced medical technologies, including an AI-based inference engine and the medical knowledge base, which contains thousands of clinically validated medical concepts. So far, it has supported over 10 million digital health checkups worldwide, and that number will only grow as it is used regularly by Regina Maria’s five million patients.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Regina Maria again and help them implement a truly game-changing conversational AI solution for the Romanian healthcare industry. The solution, developed by our partner Infermedica, allows patients to check their symptoms directly on the Regina Maria website or in the app and then be directed to the appropriate medical specialty through a constantly updated and verified algorithm.The virtual assistant thus effectively serves as a digital gateway for Regina Maria patients, providing them with informed guidance and a faster, seamless overall experience with the healthcare provider before they even walk into a clinic,” Liviu DraganCEO of DRUID, noted.

“In recent years, REGINA MARIA has been at the forefront of the digitization of healthcare in Romania. With the launch of the AI-based Symptom Checker, we become the first medical provider in the country to offer this innovative tool, helping patients better understand their symptoms and guiding them to the appropriate medical specialty. I am proud to say that with the full support of our partners, REGINA MARIA is now the most digitized healthcare company in the market. The entire patient journey can be done online – from booking an appointment to meeting with the doctor and paying online; and now the AI ​​virtual assistant that assesses patient symptoms based on a glossary of 720 conditions,” added Cosmin Panaete, Director of Business Processes at REGINA MARIA.

“Healthcare providers expect nothing more than high quality and security standards from vendors offering innovative digital health solutions. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that Regina Maria, one of Romania’s leading private healthcare providers, trusted our partnership with DRUID and decided to provide their patients with a symptom checker functionality. Our partnership with DRUID is a great example of how, by joining forces, we can meet the highest expectations of digital healthcare gateways,” explained Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica.

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