Virtual conference

Chief Justice convenes virtual conference with J&K Bailiffs, Ladakh

On the first day after being sworn in as Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey had a virtual conference with the judicial officers of the two Union Territories.

All the Chief District and Session Judges of J&K and Ladakh UTs briefed the Chief Judge on the functioning of the courts in their respective districts, infrastructural requirements for the proper functioning of the courts and several other issues.

Judge Magrey urged all judicial officers to work with zeal and dedication and highlighted their role in dispensing justice. He said the first duty and concern of every judicial officer should be to ensure speedy justice for litigants.

He further emphasized the need to imbibe legal ethics and professionalism to maintain higher professional standards. He urged judicial officers to make the most of technology in dispensing justice.

Judge Magrey also gave a multitude of instructions to the judicial officers to refer as many cases as possible for elimination during the next Special Lok Adalat which will be held on October 21, 2022, in order to reduce the wait. He said that the pending large number of cases in court is a huge challenge which can be overcome by resorting to the ADR mechanism.

Later, the Chief Justice also held meetings with the Bars of Srinagar, Jammu and Pulwama.

The Chief Justice conducted a detailed review of the operation of the courts in addition to obtaining an assessment of various development projects currently underway in the court complexes.

The Chief Justice said that every effort should be made to make our justice system vibrant and efficient.

Judge Magrey spoke with members of several bars who informed him of their problems and concerns.

The members, while congratulating the Chief Justice, pointed to several issues and sought his personal intervention for their immediate redress.

Earlier, on his arrival at the High Court of J&K and Ladakh, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey received the ceremonial honor guard. He was warmly welcomed by the High Court Judges, Registrar General, Registrar Vigilance/INC, Judicial Academy, Member Secretary JKLSA, Registrar Judicial, Srinagar, Inc. CPC, Joint Registrar Judicial, joint inspection of the Registrar, Officers and Members of the High Court. Registry, lawyers, including designated lead lawyers and other staff.

The Chief Justice interacted with Registry Officers, lawyers and other staff.