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BruntWork reveals the best virtual assistant job description to hire the best candidates

Virtual assistants play a vital role in a business as they assist business executives with essential administrative tasks. “To take a business to the next level, hiring managers need virtual assistants with the right skills and experience,” shares BruntWork CEO Winston Ong.

While virtual assistant roles generally have the same responsibilities, posting an informative job description is crucial to attracting the best hires. “It is important to pay attention to job descriptions as they give a first impression to potential candidates. Not only should the job description list key responsibilities, but it should also promote the company’s core values ​​and highlight the benefits of working for the company.says Ong.

A clear, concise and inclusive job description will inevitably help companies to stand out from their competition and select suitable candidates themselves. BruntWork unveils its job description format which has been instrumental in attracting its top candidates for entrepreneur clients.

Use related keywords in the job title

The first thing hiring managers should have in an effective job description is the job title. It should be concise and clearly state the purpose and scope of the work.

Ong thinks sticking to the industry terms candidates would normally search for is the best way to go, otherwise companies could find themselves empty when the best candidates can’t find the job description. “When they do, the best candidates are often put off by off-the-cuff language in job titles.adds Ong

Be specific with responsibilities

According to Ong, defining the responsibilities of each role in a company is an essential ingredient not only for successful hires, but for the company as a whole. “When people know what they are supposed to do, the workforce tends to be more productive and there is less chance of duplication of roles and tasks.says Ong.

Although companies do not need to list every task of a virtual assistant, it is always good to provide an overview to communicate expectations. The best candidates are also attracted to roles that highlight the core functions of the job.

The easiest and most direct way to do this is to create bullet points and list the details in order of importance. “A good rule of thumb is 8-14 dots, with each dot indicating the goal as well as the outcome,says Ong.

The duties and responsibilities section of a job description is also a great part for adding relevant keywords so candidates find the position.

Communicate what you are looking for

A winning job description format includes both must-have skills and valuable skills needed to succeed in the role. Companies should be specific and communicate required or preferred skills, education level, certifications, personal characteristics, abilities and years of experience.

This part helps potential candidates assess their skills and experience and decide whether or not to apply.says Ong. It further reminds companies to separate required skills from preferred skills, so that hiring managers don’t miss out on suitable candidates because of the flexible skills they lack.

Provide a solid business background

To attract the right candidates, Ong says presenting the company’s core values ​​and mission in the vision in two to four sentences could be a great idea. “Encourage them to thoroughly research who you are and what it’s like to work with youadds Ong.

The company background section provides an opportunity to brag about the perks and benefits of joining the company.

How BruntWork succeeds in attracting the best virtual assistants

While outsourcing providers have seen explosive growth during the coronavirus pandemic, none have been more successful than BruntWork. In March 2022, the company saw 384% growth in monthly recurring revenue as its global customer base and number of new hires grew.

There’s a reason BruntWork has been so successful. Ong says many factors and variables have contributed to the company’s growth, but he admits hiring the best people has played a big role.

Unlike most of its competitors, BruntWork was able to attract the attention of top recruits from different geographies. “We were able to take advantage of a larger pool of talent simply by adjusting and correcting our job postings, taking note to be as specific as possiblereveals Ong.