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BC News News | The dynamic duo behind the Writing Rounds virtual community drops the first W

Jessica Hitte |

Chattanooga, TN: Writing Rounds is a fledgling and influential virtual community of creative two-year-old strangers – spanning from Australia to Washington State – who came together at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to write songs together. Co-founders singer Jessica Hitte and producer LeBron Arnwine have now released a new track, “A Million Pieces” (Writing Rounds, LLC/Tyscot), as Writing Rounds Worship. Video:

The collaboration grew out of an in-person writing experience that took place at an Airbnb in Franklin, TN last spring. Aspiring writers Marc Scriven, Scott Keller and Coreena Beard co-wrote “A Million Pieces” alongside Hitte and Arnwine. It’s a warm, unplugged ballad with Hitte singing while Arnwine plays the piano, Amber Camp bows her violin and Kevin Camp gently taps on his drums. By the end of the nearly nine-minute track, the room filled with about 50 people was singing along. Listen on this link:

The genesis of the Writing Rounds began when Hitte and Arnwine first met as college students on the Lee University campus around 2008. They reconnected in 2013 when she was a schoolteacher awaiting her big break as a singer-songwriter. “She needed a producer to try her luck [as a vocalist] And I needed an artist to try my luck [as a producer]says Arnwine. “It was a perfect fit. We learned together – all the mistakes, all the mistakes not to be made again. It created a camaraderie between us that you won’t have walking into someone’s studio. We had nothing All I had was an interface and a broken laptop.

Their first collaboration was a 2016 solo album on Hitte. “I thought it was going to be easy to release an album and everyone was going to love it and it was just going to explode,” she laughs. “When it didn’t, I was like what did we do wrong?” She’s learned that there’s a lot more to making records than just making the music itself. She also realized that the album did not fully reflect who she was as an artist. “That’s when I realized that every song I wrote wasn’t for me, and I started writing for other people,” she adds.

After attending a Maverick City Music songwriting camp in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hitte and a few other attendees decided to continue meeting and collaborating virtually. Arnwine began helping Hitte coordinate sessions which exploded with hundreds of creatives from around the world. “We wanted strong writers who hadn’t really had much luck,” Hitte recalls. “Even people who felt like their careers were over. There’s room for everyone here. You’ve heard a song on the radio, but you don’t know what it takes to get it going on the radio. We show you all of this in our writing experiences. For more information, visit: