Virtual assistant

Alexa virtual assistant returns after service outage

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa came back online after being hit by a service issue in the UK on Friday morning.

The outage left thousands of users unable to access smart speakers and other devices.

Amazon confirmed an undisclosed issue caused the problem, but said service has now been restored.

A spokesperson told the PA news agency: ‘This morning we had an issue that impacted the ability of some Alexa customers to interact with the service.

“Alexa service is now working normally.”

According to the service’s status website DownDector, UK users began reporting problems with Alexa at around 7am on Friday, with more than 8,000 reports recorded over the next hour.

Many users have reported being unable to wake their voice-activated Amazon Echo smart devices, with some seeing a ring of red lights and a message asking them to try again later or that “something went wrong” .

Others have taken to social media to complain about not being able to use their Alexa-powered gadgets to listen to music or the radio, access alarms and reminders, or perform other daily tasks.

The virtual assistant is built into millions of devices available in the UK, including smart speakers and home hubs, which can be used to control home devices.