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Active.Ai powers Burgan Bank’s intelligent virtual assistant “Banki” in Arabic and English.

Burgan Bank has re-launched the brand new revamped and improved Banki;

Banki is really more than just a chatbot, it is the most personal chatbot, a new virtual member of the bank”,

— Mr. Khalil AlQattan, Head of Digital Transformation

KUWAIT, KUWAIT, February 15, 2022 / — Bank of Burgan relaunched the all-new revamped and improved Banki;

Digital banking is going mainstream in Kuwait. Burgan Bank in Kuwait, the third-largest bank by assets, relaunched the all-new revamped and improved Banki; bank is a voice-activated AI-powered banking chatbot. Banki was designed with the aim of leveraging the latest technologies to help serve customers better and faster with a series of updated features and enhanced capabilities, Banki now offers customers an improved personal, intuitive and responsive banking experience. .

Banki is powered by Active.Ai‘s leading conversational AI banking platform, which enables banking and financial institutions to digitally communicate with their consumers, understand their intentions, be contextually aware and serve more than 150 financial use cases in multiple languages, by voice and text.

– AI-powered Banki is intelligent, retains the context of conversations, and responds with reliable and accurate answers in a timely manner; making it easy for customers to avoid searching, browsing, clicking buttons or waiting for a call.
– Banki extends 24/7 availability on the Bank’s mobile application, Burgan Online, website and WhatsApp platform in the customer’s preferred language, serving customers and prospects for all banking needs.
– Banki also enables interaction with human support through seamless transfer to experienced call center service agents.

As part of its aim to create a better, faster and more digital customer experience, Burgan Bank has announced the re-launch of the all-new revamped and improved Banki; The Bank’s voice-enabled machine learning chatbot. Featuring a series of updated features and enhanced capabilities, Banki offers customers a more personal and responsive banking experience than ever before. The revamped Banki is now able to better understand customer needs in context as they interact more with it, to deliver fast, reliable, secure, consistent and accurate responses in a timely manner; making it easy for customers to avoid searching, browsing, clicking buttons or waiting for a call. Available 24 hours a day on the Bank’s mobile application, Burgan Online and the WhatsApp platform in the customer’s preferred language, whether Arabic or English, Banki is able to help customers for all banking questions and inquiries.

“Burgan Bank is in a highly competitive environment, so instead of offering a regular FAQ chatbot, the Bank has incorporated machine learning to deliver a personalized and remarkable customer experience in line with the needs of our customers. We understand that time is a commodity for our customers, so the sooner they can get the answer they want and get on with their day, the happier they will be. Additionally, our main goal is to empower our customers by investing in a conversational virtual assistant that can answer common and personalized banking questions. It is truly more than just a chatbot, it is the most personal chatbot, a new member of virtual banking,” said Mr. Khalil AlQattan, Head of Digital Transformation.

Today, the world’s leading financial institutions from 43 countries receive millions of interactions per month on the Active.Ai platform. Thanks to valuable customer feedback, Active.Ai has made this platform extremely scalable, fast to deploy, and world-class.

“It is an honor and a privilege for Active.Ai to partner with Burgan Bank to power ‘Banki’. Burgan Bank is building cutting-edge digital experiences in Kuwait and the MENA region and this has been a collaborative effort with Burgan Bank’s innovative digital teams who have championed these world-class experiences in Arabic and English across the region,” said Ravishankar, CEO of Active.Ai.

About Burgan Bank

Established in 1977, Burgan Bank is currently the third largest bank by assets in Kuwait. From its inception, the Bank has focused heavily on the corporate and financial institution sectors, in addition to diversifying its offering to meet its growing retail and private banking clientele.

Burgan Bank has majority-owned subsidiaries, collectively known as “Burgan Bank Group”, in the MENAT region. This group is supported by one of the largest branch networks in the region and includes: Gulf Bank Algeria – AGB (Algeria), Bank of Baghdad – BOB (Iraq and Lebanon), Tunis International Bank – TIB (Tunisia) and the wholly owned company Bank Burgan Turkey. Additionally, Burgan Bank has a presence in the United Arab Emirates through its head office, Burgan Financial Services Limited.

The Bank has continuously improved its performance over the years, thanks to a broad revenue structure, diversified funding sources and a solid capital base. The adoption of advanced services and technologies has positioned it as a pioneer in the domestic market and in the MENA region. Moreover, the Burgan Bank brand has been built on a foundation of real values ​​– trust, commitment, excellence and progress – which recall the high standards to which the Bank always aspires. In fact, the Bank’s fundamental philosophy, “Driven by You”, is the basis on which its products and services are continually developed.

The Bank has obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certificate and has been recertified with the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 standard, making it one of the few banks in the GCC and Kuwait to receive such certification for five consecutive times. The Bank also has the distinction of being the only bank in Kuwait to have won the JP Morgan Chase Quality Recognition Award for twenty consecutive years.

Burgan Bank is a majority owned subsidiary of KIPCO (Kuwait Projects Company), one of the largest holding companies in the MENA region.

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