Virtual conference

A virtual conference presents the latest reformulation solutions

From March 29 to 30, Reformulation: what next?​ – sponsored by RSSL​ – will feature five sessions per day featuring presentations, one-on-one interviews and panel discussions aimed primarily at technical, NPD and regulatory affairs leads.

Speakers include Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive of the British Nutrition Foundation, Tim Lang, Emeritus Professor of Food Policy at City University and author of Feeding Britain: our food problems and how to solve them​ and Carole Bingley, Technical Specialist, Product and Ingredient, RSSL.

Restrictions on products high in fat, salt and sugar

New restrictions on the promotion of foods high in fat, salt and sugar are set to hit supermarkets in October and the Government’s response to Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy, which explores strategies to tackle obesity, is expected shortly.

It is believed that half of the UK population is overweight or obese. While exercise helps with this problem, access to nutritious foods low in fat, salt and sugar and a reduction in foods high in these nutrients is clearly another factor. According to the latest research, both men and women consume significantly more than their recommended daily caloric intake.

At the same time, UK consumers are generally losing key nutrients, such as iron, calcium and vitamin D, highlighting the potential value of fortification. A recent study published by Tate & Lyle scientists working with data analytics company Crème Global suggested that fiber enrichment of many foods could reduce the risk of heart disease for seven in ten UK adults.

Innovations and progress

This event will examine emerging innovations and advances in the food industry to deliver healthier food and beverages at all levels.

However, reformulation to reduce fat, salt and sugar content and fortification to stimulate intake of important nutrients will not be the only goals. The conference will cover other critical areas of reformulation, such as eliminating allergens, finding alternatives to animal-derived ingredients in vegan products, and preserving quality while using more cost-effective ingredients.

For more information and to book your tickets for this full and timely event, visit Reformulation: what next?now. And for sponsorship requests, please contact [email protected].