Virtual event

A poet and an activist will speak at a university virtual event

Award-winning author Javier Zamora will discuss his new memoir, “Solito,” from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday, October 19 on Zoom.

The conference is free for students and the community.

The event is part of Moorpark College’s Undocumented Student Week of Action, October 17-21.

“Javier’s story and experiences mirror those of many of our undocumented students at Moorpark College. Hosting a guest speaker like Javier is essential to validating and elevating our students’ experiences, especially in the current political climate,” said Alex Yepez, Counseling Services Specialist at Moorpark College and Dreamers Support Manager.

Zamora was born in La Herradura,

El Salvador in 1990. When he was one year old, his father fled El Salvador due to the US-funded Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992). His mother followed in 1995, when Javier was about to turn 5.

Zamora was left in the care of his grandparents, who helped raise him until he immigrated to the United States at the age of 9.

Her first collection of poetry, “Unaccompanied” (2017), explores themes revolving around these experiences.

In “Solito”, Zamora recounts his nine-week odyssey through Guatemala, Mexico and the Sonoran Desert. He traveled unescorted by boat, bus and on foot. After a coyote abandoned his group in Oaxaca, Zamora traveled to Arizona with the help of other migrants.

Zamora was a 2018-2019 Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University and holds several college scholarships.

He is the recipient of a 2017 Lannan Literary Fellowship, a 2017 Narrative Award and a 2016 Barnes & Noble Writer’s Award for Writers for his work in the Undocupoets campaign.

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For more information on “Solito” and Zamora, call Yepez at (805) 553-4165 or email [email protected]