Virtual conference

5 Takeaways from the Craft Beer Professionals Spring Virtual Conference

What started as a necessity in the days of lockdown has turned into a twice-a-year tradition to bring value to everyone in our industry. Every spring and fall, Craft Beer Professionals hosts three days of 100% free virtual training. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend industry events in person, and we hope that our virtual conferences, accessible to everyone, can help you grow as craft beer professionals.

You can watch, review and enjoy the full conference reading list here. Here are 5 of my takeaways from our spring event.

Conversations about compensation are extremely important. If you want to succeed, you have to treat your team well. This means not only creating a safe and welcoming workplace, but also providing compensation and benefits that stand out to help you attract, maximize and retain talent. In our panel, What is fair compensation? we explain what to consider, what factors have an impact, and challenge you to review your company’s policies to see how you can improve. I encourage you to watch on youtube or listen on Spotify.

Breweries continue to open and are looking for unique ways to raise capital and/or open on a tight budget. To verify Raising Capital: Pitfalls and Considerations by the always entertaining John Szymankiewicz (Beer Law Center) and Open a brewery with a start-up budget with Don Marcil and Doug Beedy (Stout Tanks and Kettles).

Canning is a hot topic. Due to both popularity and challenges, the canning sessions were well attended and provided valuable insight. Watch below as Audra Gaiziunas (Brewed For Her Ledger) leads a panel that helps you understand the hidden costs of canning equipment. Additionally, Evan Singer (Vessel Packaging Co.) talks about how to source, decorate and fill cans.

We still have room to make our industry more inclusive. Longtime CBP anchor Julie Rhodes (Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions) talks about Sell ​​beer inclusive. In her session, Julie discusses how psychographics can help you target consumers, how to identify your own set of ideal audiences for your brand, and how to apply these principles to your sales and marketing plans.

I also recommend listening to Jen Price’s (Crafted For Action / Craft Women Connect) moderated panel on Crafting Meaningful Collaborations below (and on Spotify). During this conversation, you will learn how breweries and community partners can truly collaborate and create a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.

It’s about building relationships. The past few years have been interesting to say the least, but the importance of creating meaningful relationships with your guests, your brewing partners and everyone you interact with has only increased. Laura Lodge (Customized Craft Beer Programs / Start A Brewery) has been diving into this topic since the distributor relations side. The Robot House and Bitter Sisters Brewing Company teams have a conversation about find the right creative partner. Michael Varda (Craft Beer Advisory Services) analyzes the 6 Types of Taproom Customers and explains how you can provide them with an environment and experience that motivates a return visit.

And speaking of relationships, we hope you’ll join us in St. Louis June 20-22, 2022 for CBP Connects presented by Arryved POS. CBP Connects is designed to help you grow personally and professionally. Part networking, part education, CBP connects consists of 10 interactive workshops and 3 evening receptions, with beer on CBP. Register now.